How Hiperfloor Polished Concrete Has Revolutionised the Flooring System?

Hiperfloor polished concrete is an advanced form of polished concrete. It is a mechanically polished concrete which has an improved version of abrasion resistance. Moreover, it considerably reduces the cost of maintenance. It can drastically change the look and overall appeal of the concrete floor and the already sturdy and hard concrete floor is mechanically refined through grinding and chemical treatments and polishing. Hiperfloor polished concrete is also the easiest in terms of maintaining it.

Hiperfloor polished concrete uses the newest forms of technology and processes such as grouting, grinding, sealing, and polishing. The main or target in this case is to virtually make the product maintenance free, yet highly resistant to abrasions. Another great part about hiperfloor polished concrete is that you do not have to go for any other additional coatings for the desired finishing look because this polished concrete is of top quality. The other beneficial aspects of this polished concrete are listed down below.

The Advantages of Hiperfloor Polished Concrete:

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  • The standard epoxy or poly-urethane coatings demand constant attention and you have to be extra careful about them because the daily use of floors and such surfaces is bound to attract grit, dust, and dirt. However, this will lead to damage and deteriorate your floors. Moreover, unnecessary scratches and marks on the floor that might be permanent or will require a lot of extra effort to get them removed. With hiperfloor polished concrete, this issue is eliminated because they use the advanced diamond polishing process which leads to a high gloss finish and that too without using the film coat sealers. This special coating or seal will not lead to unwanted scratches and wear and tear due to everyday use and the warranty on this coating is of a few decades.
  • The dust mites have always been a huge matter of concern and particularly for those people who are suffering from allergies. It gives them sleepless nights and is a major cause for people who are suffering from respiratory ailments. These mites are particularly attracted to those carpets which have long fibres. Even the tiled grout lines are also the places where the dirt and oils and mould keep on increasing and this leads to the increase in the cultivation of bacteria and in turn the diseases. However, if hiperfloor polished concrete is used, then the dust mites will get eliminated from the carpets because of its properties. This is a great advantage because it will lead to an allergy free environment and a clean environment, as well.
  • When there are new commercial projects being planned or are under construction, then choosing hiperfloor polished concrete will be a wise decision. Primarily, because the design collection is unlimited and endless. You can choose the colour of the aggregate to be used and the cement oxides. There are a wide variety of options to choose from and the best part is that the tiles, vinyl, and timber from the existing flooring can be removed if you want to replace them with hiperfloor polished concrete. You can enhance the look of the flooring during the process of polishing by using hiperfloor polished concret and that will give an amazing finished look.


With the advancement in almost every field of the construction and flooring business, it is hard to believe that there will be no progress in the department of polished concrete. Hence, the invention of hiperfloor polished concrete is widely used in Australia and this technology was also invented and brought into business by Australia. It is an advanced solution and has revolutionised the concept of polished concrete completely.

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