How long the battery of an ATV lasts?

ATVs are surely one of the favorite rides for many people as it allows them to rule different terrains, go on hunting and enjoy mini races as well. Whether you are buying a 50cc four wheeler or any superior model of ATV, you can enjoy the perks without burning a hole in your pocket. But with the increasing demand and easy availability of information, more and more people are becoming concerned about the different parts of their ATV and they are expecting every part of their ATV to perform at its peak level and give the best results. 

But the first question that pops up in the mind of people who plan to buy a four-wheeler is how long the battery of these ATVs lasts? All the ATVs are equipped with batteries and these batteries are vital for the proper functioning of your ATV. 

The batteries used in ATVs are designed to last longer than your expectation but since 50cc four-wheeler is new to many people, they are curious about the lifespan of the battery. This is why, in this blog post, we are going to discuss all that you need to know about the lifespan of batteries used in ATVs

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The different factors that affect the lifespan of ATV batteries 

Many ATV owners are concerned about whether the battery will last as long as they expect or not. Well, there is nothing like the standard lifespan of the batteries used in ATVs because there are several factors that affect their lifespan. 

All the factors that we are going to discuss will have a bigger impact on conventional flooded lead-acid batteries since sealed batteries have a completely different working mechanism. 


The type of climate you live in is going to have a big impact on the lifespan of the ATV batteries. Almost all the batteries work best at room temperature and therefore, both cold and warm temperatures will have a negative effect on them. 

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But then there are those types of batteries that can handle extreme temperatures much better than normal batteries. Conventional lead-acid batteries can’t handle extreme temperature and it is all because of their working mechanism. 

The lead plates and electrolyte fluids produce a type of charge in the conventional lead-acid battery and in the case of high temperature, the rate of this reaction boosts up while in colder temperatures, this process slows down. Both of these conditions can have a negative effect on the lifespan of the ATV battery. 

The frequency of use 

If you want to know how long the batteries of your ATV will last then you should look at the frequency of use. All the batteries used in a 50cc four wheeler have better chances of lasting if they are used on a frequent basis. Every time you take out the ATV for a ride, the in-built charging system of the battery will top off the battery with a fresh charge and this is what keeps the charging capacity in a healthy state. 

If you use your ATV occasionally then the batteries inside the ATV will stay idle for a longer span of time and this might hamper its lifespan. So, even if you are not using your ATV on a daily basis, it is necessary to maintain a periodic charging routine for ensuring optimal battery life. 

The quality of the charging system 

All the ATVs that you see in the market have their own in-built charging system but this system is not the same in every case. Therefore, the type of charging system you have will have a big impact on the lifespan of the batteries. 

All the old ATVs have a lower output charging system and different types of accessories used in the old ATVs like heated grips and EPS draw a lot of power from the battery. So, never expect the batteries of your old ATV to last longer than your expectation. 

If the charging system is providing low charging to the battery then the battery is not going to be fully charged and thus the service life of the battery is going to keep on reducing with time. 

Battery getting completely drained 

If you are used to leaving the lights of your ATV on or if there is something else draining the battery overnight then you should charge the battery as soon as you can. If you charge the battery the very next day of its draining then you can recover the battery to a full charge with minimal damage. 

But you should also make sure that the battery doesn’t drain completely as this also affects its lifespan. 

Understanding how the battery of your ATV works might help you in extending its lifespan but since different ATVs have different batteries, you should always go through the manual that comes along with the ATV to understand how long the specific battery is going to last.

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