How to Buy a Budget Diamond without Looking Cheap

Various factors serve to guide buyers in buying a budget diamond without looking cheap. The important factors are cut, polish, symmetry, certification, and shape as described below. 

Diamonds are also available in various colors. Nowadays black diamonds are gaining more popularity in jewelry trends.


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Consider avoiding poorly cut diamonds, even when size is the main interest. Many realize the diamonds to be an undesirable trade off, regardless of the minor price. We do not offer poorly cut diamonds. 

Search for a budget diamond that is somewhat symmetrical because when it has good symmetry it acquires more sparkle. 

An appropriate cut budget diamond can make it appear bigger. A properly cut diamond greatly influences a diamond’s sparkle. Notably, cut grade offers a distinct rating which integrates a variety of factors like polish, symmetry and it is a simple but essential tool in assessing a diamond. 

A common mistake is to assess the consideration factors but failing to consider the “cut” factor which already needs to be taken into account.


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Any polishing faults regarding budget diamonds with polish grades are not noticeable to the naked eye, and must have no influence on the budget diamond’s general appearance.

For those with clarity I1 or lower grades, even a fair polish grade is allowed, because the budget diamonds presently dominate internal additions that are observable by the naked eye, creating polish markings less important. 

For diamonds below .75 carats, any fair polish grade or more cannot impact the diamond’s appearance to an unqualified observer. 

Poor polish grade is the only grade that must be evaded irrespective of the diamond’s size or clarity. For such circumstances, we do not associate budget diamonds with a poor polish grade.


Symmetry must not be utilized as a main factor in selecting a diamond since each of the grades is potential in budget diamonds of remarkable appearance. 

However, symmetry is more essential in diamonds of VVS2 clarity or more because the very subtle faults generated by Poor or Fair symmetry that can look like pinpoint inclusions, would concede the diamond’s otherwise faultless look.

Despite its self-effacing influence on appearance, symmetry has a meaningful influence on price; a diamond with exceptional polish and symmetry may be valued between 10% and 15% greater than a diamond with good polish and symmetry. 

This factor has more to do with client’s recognized value of outstanding grades than the actual impact on a diamond’s look.

Certification Buying Tips

There is no equal creation of all Labs and their verdicts are not embraced to any fact-based standard. 

Unluckily, some labs have surrendered to burden from traders to lesser their standards, thus permitting minor quality diamonds to be portrayed with greater ratings, boosting their value in the market. 

Prior to depending on any certificate, make sure you are contented with the character and know-how of its author.

We choose to provide only GIA specialized diamonds, other Labs that have a solid reputation in the market include American Gem Society.

Shape Buying Tips

Unless a specific preference has been articulated, take into consideration a round diamond. Round budget diamonds tend to have more brightness and sparkling than other appearances, they contain nearly any ring setting, and fail to go out of fashion.

Length to width ratio has an essential influence on an impressive diamond. Every budget diamond here is indicated in its accurate length to width ratio so that you can easily observe the variation between diamonds of a similar shape. 

Whenever you are unsure concerning your preferences, look for a shape that you may like, and then observe diamonds of various length to width ratios within the shape.


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