How to choose ELD devices from the top ELD providers?

Electronic Logging Devices or ELDs are used by truck companies to manage the fleet timings, hour of service worked by drivers’ and various other information. Installing this app in the vehicle will prevent drivers’ from forgetting or misplacing paperwork. Every information is collected from the vehicle’s engine.

 Top ELD providers in the market

There are many companies who produce ELD devices but the devices which are considered best and are listed as top 3 are –

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  1. Keep Truckin ELD – This device is considered to be one of the best with easy-to-use interface, strong features and can be installed in vehicles of any size. The key features of this device are –
  1. ELD compliant logs
  2. Two way messaging
  3. Vehicle inspections
  4. GPS tracking
  1. Garmin eLog – is considered to be the best for long term ELD investments. The drive can be easily download the app to his mobile free of cost and enter his on-duty status. Also, they can check their remaining available hours.

The key features of this device are –

  1. Fuel tracking
  2. No ongoing costs
  3. Can be installed in 6-pin/9-pin ports
  4. ELD complaint logs which can be locally accessed via Bluetooth/USB for roadside inspections

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  1. Omnitracs ELD – It comes with plenty of features by the cost depends on the type of plan chosen and whether the fleet leases the hardware unit. The device offers two compliance oriented units –
  1. Omnitracs XRS device, a plug and play unit
  2. Omnitracs IVG unit, hardwired into the vehicle

The features offered are –

  1. Data for HOS recorded automatically
  2. IFTA fuel tracking
  3. Vehicle tracking
  4. Safety reporting
  5. Two-way messaging
  6. Monitoring driver’s on-off duty
  7. Supports Bluetooth and so on

Apart from the above three following devices are also considered to be the best –

Gorilla Safety ELD – a cost-efficient app offering high quality ELD compliance and DVIR service. If documentation is your priority, then you must choose Gorilla Safety. The key features offered are –

  1. While driving drivers can switch on document tracking. This will help them to file different documents to different categories after proper scanning.
  2. Using this app the business can go completely paperless as the company offers a fully automated ELD document.
  3. Provides accurate location tracking
  4. Drivers are able to record or take photos in the event of any collsion.
  5. Drive ELD – Its yearly cost is low and is helpful to businesses that are only interested in ensuring ELD mandate compliance. The DriveELD mobile app comes free of cost and can be downloaded in IOS and Andriod platforms.
  6. Samsara – The ELD device manages the entire fleet management service which includes – routing and dispatch, fuel tracking, and driver safety etc. The device can be upgraded as and when required so no need of purchasing the full FMS (field management system).
  7. Rand McNally ELD 50 – Its monthly cost is low and can be installed quickly. The features offered by this device are –
  8. ELD compliant HOS
  9. DVIR
  10. real-time location tracking
  11. two-way messaging and so on

It is always better to compare the price of the devices of the top ELD providers before you choose to buy any ELD device so that your money will be saved for long term.

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