How to correct The Witcher 3 following-gen update from crashing

If you had been anywhere around as keen as us to engage in The Witcher 3 up coming-gen update, you are possible now down at the tavern sensation woes aplenty owing to the crashing, negative general performance, and other bugs. Numerous end users together with us have experienced technical problems, and CDPR has now acknowledged that it is conscious of the problems and is investigating.

There are absolutely sure to be incoming hotfixes to address at the very least some of the difficulties with The Witcher 3 up coming-gen update, but we’ve the good thing is identified a handful of workarounds in the meantime for all those who just want to participate in.

How to prevent The Witcher 3 from crashing with the subsequent-gen update

The main difficulty affecting players is the crashing that occurs upon loading any save into the globe. We did some limited screening with an Nvidia graphics card and found two solutions.

Adjust the API

The simplest choice is sadly a less desirable solution. When you to begin with launch the activity, it now goes to a next launcher, or hub, as pictured down below. Start the sport in the more mature, DirectX 11 API and it really should do the job as opposed to the more recent DirectX 12 API. The downside is that you lose access to Nvidia DLSS 2 and 3, AMD FSR, ray tracing, and Nvidia Reflex in this manner, as all those are relegated to DirectX 12 edition. The sport will also probable run worse in general, but it need to run.

The Witcher 3 Next Gen Update Crashing Fix Stop Patch Update Pc Won't Load

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Test another graphics driver edition

We figured out this other workaround by incident as a end result of being components guinea pigs. We had been deliberately benchmarking on an older Nvidia driver and located the recreation launches and operates in DirectX 12 to respectable results. Try out utilizing a person of the Recreation-Prepared drivers such as 522.25 or 526.47. You can refer to our posting on updating or reinstalling Nvidia drivers if uncertain how to obtain those people on Nvidia’s site.

Soon after noticing startlingly bad efficiency from an RTX 4080 paired with an overclocked Intel i5-13600K, we started to question if there is a necessary driver stage update to assistance the game operate superior in DirectX 12. Undoubtedly sufficient, there is. Upon updating to the most up-to-date Nvidia driver, we much too encountered a 100% crash price upon striving to enjoy The Witcher 3 upcoming-gen update.

Retain it Vintage for now

This sales opportunities us to the last solution for addressing crashes and other monstrous bugs you might encounter. You may well just want to roll the activity again to the Vintage version. It’s a drag to be certain, as you won’t be capable to entry the new content material or options, but it will at minimum allow you enjoy an optimized and stable model of the recreation. You can always update all over again afterwards after the essential patches are available.

Witcher 3 Classic Version Rollback Steam Gog

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To roll back again the recreation edition on Steam go to The Witcher 3 in your Library, click the cog Options wheel on the right aspect, simply click “Properties,” then simply click “Betas,” then click “Classic Patch 1.32.” It will then download and reset the recreation data files.

On GOG, pick “Settings,” then “Manage Installation” and decide on “Configure.” You can then pick the “Classic” selection there.

Do the new graphics options even do the job?

The fantastic information is that it’s not all undesirable information for this update on a technological degree. On running The Witcher 3 future-gen update, we pointed out that it feels quite sleek in DirectX 12 when compared to DirectX11. The ray tracing provides a full new layer of depth to landscapes and is a significantly action previously mentioned the classic lighting systems. Regretably, ray tracing is at the moment murdering framerates. out?v=nBT2SP21f3Q

Then there is Nvidia DLSS 2 and DLSS 3 (Frame Generation), which are surprisingly excellent implementations based on our incredibly minimal testing. There was no quickly recognizable ghosting with DLSS 2, which indicates it will help uncompromisingly strengthen framerates for the all those with weaker gaming rigs, offered CDPR can resolve the general performance troubles introduced in the update. DLSS 3 Frame Technology also seems to be rather good earlier mentioned 120 fps, with no obvious graphic top quality concerns. It provides 5-8ms of latency, but a person could make the circumstance which is a reasonable tradeoff for the extra smoothness. The Witcher 3 feels pretty good with the functionality enhancements turned on, even in it’s at this time unoptimized state.

This must be a good update sooner or later, allowing for plenty of new Witcher lovers to love this 2015 title in increased glory. The popular crashing problems and other technical concerns are disappointing to be positive, but the suggestions we specific should enable you to play The Witcher 3 in some vogue to get pleasure from the future-gen update.

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