How to Easily Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme in 2020

One of the most used browsers is Google Chrome. Whether you are using for official purposes or for day to day tasks, people love to use the universal Google Chrome web browser. The reason why people are hooked up with this browser is that it provides all the necessary security features for free. This is the reason why most of the best mobiles have Google Chrome as a default browser.

Google Chrome web browser comes with several features that make people use these web browsers. But for me, the best features f the Google Chrome web browser is that you can create your theme and implement them on your web browser.

I have been using the google chrome web browser for a long time, long enough that I don’t even know just how long it had been. I use Chrome for every small thing. This made me realize that Google Chrome outlook is too boring.

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I looked for several themes to make Chrome look attractive, but none was to my taste. Later, I came across an interesting finding, Google theme creator.

Google theme creator is software that helps you to customize a theme that you can implement on the google chrome web browser.

How can you create your own theme?

When you are using a web browser every single day, it starts to look bland and generic. To make it more interesting, you need to have good visuals that keep you interested in the web browser. This is where Google chrome theme creator enters the frame.

Google Chrome theme creator helps you to create and customize the theme according to your liking. Let’s see how it’s done.

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Step 1: 

The very first step is to launch the Google Chrome Browser.

Step 2: 

There are two ways by which you can access the Google Chrome theme creator. The first way is by vising the Google Chrome store. And the second method is by directly searching it on the Search engine.

Step 3: 

Once you have found the tool, you can add it to Google Chrome. You just have to simply add the Google them creator in the google chrome web browser.

Step 4: 

After that Google will redirect you to the google theme creator tab.

Step 5: 

You can begin by creating and customizing your theme. You can even write your name that will be shown when you will be opening the Google Chrome.

Step 6: 

You can choose one of your favorite images that will beth the base image for your theme.

Step 7: 

After you have uploaded the image, a preview screen will be seen. You can use that screen t6o customize the image and them as per your likings.

Step 8: 

After you have to decide the image and its preview, you can now generate colors that suit them perfectly.

Step 9: 

The website will automatically save the preview and update the relevant colors that might be useful to make the theme more attractive.

Step 10: 

The color shown on the screen is just suggestions if you want you can use your own set of colors.

Step 11: 

Once you are set with the theme, you just have to select “Pack and Install”.

Step 12: 

After that Chrome will take a few seconds to implement the new theme.

Step 13: 

That’s all you need to do to create your own personalized theme for Google Chrome.


Did I give you a new reason to love the Google Chrome web browser? Well, there is no doubt about it. I know that most of you out there have already started customizing their own Chrome Theme.

With that being said, I hope that I was able to enumerate every possible step for you to use the google chrome theme creator. Don’t forget to drop your thoughts below.

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