How to enjoy sex during pregnancy

You need not stress yourself with how your sex life will become once you are pregnant. Of course, your body would be undergoing a series of changes at least for the first few months, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. Several women often notice these changes and view them as threats to their sex drive, while others just find it somewhat natural to embrace the process. Whichever one you are, note that you are fine, and there’s nothing wrong with you being curious. 

Pregnancy is not the same in every woman, so your body is different from your sister’s, if that would be any consolation. Peradventure, you’ve seen some pregnant porn and you wonder how those pregnant women tend to enjoy sex that much. You, too, can pull it off. You first need to understand some essential strategies and means to enjoy better sex, even during pregnancy. Hormonal fluctuations, vomiting, nausea and drowsiness are some of the perks that come with pregnancy, although some women tend not to experience all of it. If you are looking for means to enjoy sex better when pregnant, you should take note of the following 

Accept your body:

There’s nothing as reassuring and therapeutic as self-love. You can’t give what you don’t have, and the moment you keep looking down on yourself, it takes little effort before your partner does the same. So, when you are pregnant, you need to first accept that your body would begin to undergo some physical changes, and these changes may affect your sexual experiences. Once you can do this, going to the next phase becomes somewhat easier since the foundation has been laid. Your stomach will begin to expand, and there’s a possibility for you to undergo breast enlargement. There’s nothing to be afraid of; it’s part of the process. Embrace it!

Have a chat with your partner:

Since you are not alone in the relationship, it’s advisable to chat with your partner about how to go about sex during the pregnancy. The truth is, the woman needs to have sex often in other to keep the vagina open. This aids childbirth and makes the process less complicated. If you are having difficulty communicating with your partner, you might as well see a sex-therapist for medical and professional advice. However, communication is essential during this time, as any slight derailing may be problematic for the unborn child. 

Know your sexual positions:

You stop taking some positions immediately you are pregnant, and the pregnancy begins to protrude. If you continue, you could bruise the child or hit the wrong wall. Sexual positions for pregnant women are mostly cowgirl, and this is because she alone understands when the penis is heading the wrong way. So, if you’d be having sex at all, positioning needs to be perfected. You can take your time to visit Porndoe for some pregnant women porn clips to understand which positions to adopt. If you can enjoy sex before pregnancy, you can enjoy it during pregnancy; you just need to understand the difference and sex accordingly. 

Watch pregnant women porn videos:

If it’s your first pregnancy, you’ll need all the help you can get, and that could mean seeing your doctor, your sex therapist and seeing pregnant porn videos on Porndoe. Although most individuals have believed porn shouldn’t be consumed because it could be addictive, this is somewhat true because porn consumption could really be additive if not censored. However, in this case, there’s nothing wrong with seeing pregnant porn videos to understand how to enjoy sex better during pregnancy. As mentioned earlier, there are some positions pregnant women should take because it could affect the baby. That’s one of the reasons for seeing pregnant porn videos, amongst other importance. So, don’t be too educated and morally inclined to seek help. 

One of the few people that needs to sex the most are pregnant women. They require the right type of sex during pregnancy to help them make labor easier. When having sex with a pregnant woman, there’s a need for every form of precision and accuracy. Hence, it’s advisable that once you are pregnant, be sure you visit the clinic regularly alongside your spouse. Doing this will help both of you understand the dos and don’ts when it comes to sex in this period. Pregnancy and porn don’t look like they should go hand in hand, since it’s a delicate time. Nonetheless, sex doesn’t stop, even for pregnant women. Doing it right is very important, as any wrongly explored position or sexual desire could be disastrous to the unborn child.

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