How to get Cherry Bomb in Vampire Survivors

The Cherry Bomb is a one of a kind weapon that bounces off of enemies and is capable of exploding, working problems to big groups of enemies. It doesn’t seem to be potent at initial, and it does need some help. But if you spend the assets, it can be a highly effective weapon that receives you via the early-mid match. The Cherry Bomb isn’t in your commencing line-up of weapons, and will have to be unlocked before use.

It’s not challenging to unlock the Cherry Bomb, but it does have to have some do the job. There’s an alternative approach to unlock it as effectively, however it is a for a longer period route. Perform your way up at the starting and as you examination the waters, you may possibly find that you previously have the Cherry Bomb. It doesn’t exhibit up typically, but there are simple strategies to check out if you have it.

The route to the Cherry Bomb

Accessing the Cherry Bomb needs you to have entry to the Inlaid Library map. It’s the map you unlock immediately after finishing the Mad Forest in your 1st 30 moment operate, which should not acquire much time. You will have to defeat 3000 Lion Head enemies, which seem like lion heads that have spinning limbs. Defeating 3000 enemies in one particular go may be difficult, and it’s a lot easier to distribute this out around several runs.

As Lion Head enemies will seem frequently past the midway mark, it’s best to aim on adapting to the map initial. You can then acquire out the Lion Head enemies when you know what to anticipate, and know when they will appear.

Soon after defeating 3000 Lion Head enemies, you will unlock Yatta Cavallo in the Character Pick out display screen. You really don’t have to finish the run to unlock him, and the unlock will signal that you have defeated ample enemies. Yatta Cavallo is the character whose commencing weapon is the Cherry Bomb.

Unlocking the Cherry Bomb

The unlock needs are basic: just obtain Yatta Cavallo for 500 gold. Once Yatta is obtainable, the Cherry Bomb will now seem in your arsenal. It doesn’t have a high chance of demonstrating up normally, and you may perhaps have to get fortunate to use it. Alternatively, employing Yatta provides you access to the weapon straight away. Making use of a Candybox to select the weapon manually is also an option, while this won’t take place till you unlock ample secrets.

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If you really do not want to defeat 3000 Lion Heads to unlock Yatta, you can use the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane. Go to the Spells menu and style in “yattapanda”, which will unlock Yatta devoid of a struggle. You will very likely have defeated 3000 Lion Heads in advance of obtaining the Scrolls of Morbane, but it’s nevertheless an possibility if you by no means perform in the Inlaid Library.

The Cherry Bomb may well not be your first assumed when it arrives to strong weapons, but it is still valuable more than enough to aid you survive early on. In enclosed maps, the bounce and explosion result can rapidly take out lots of enemies. It doesn’t evolve, but it makes it possible for you to get an merchandise that is beneficial for the relaxation of your set-up.

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