How to Get Drain Punch TM

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Drain Punch is a bodily Combating type punching transfer that heals its person by 50% of the destruction dealt. Although the transfer has been about for a even though, it becomes specifically valuable in Scarlet and Violet, particularly in Tera Raid Battles. Since Raid Pokémon have massively increased stats, using Drain Punch on them allows your Pokémon to get some fantastic harm in while sustaining itself. Here’s our manual on how to get Drain Punch TM in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Exactly where to Locate Drain Punch TM in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Drain Punch is TM073 in Scarlet and Violet and can be discovered in the overworld. Fortunately, it’s in a handful of distinctive places. One particular locale in which you can uncover the Drain Punch TM is on a watchtower, precisely the tower south of Artazon and southeast of Mesagoza. If you have been there before, you can quickly journey to it, and it will be labeled South Province (Spot 5) Watchtower. When you achieve the tower, simply climb the ladder. You are going to locate the Drain Punch TM at the top rated of the initial ladder.

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The 2nd area for the Drain Punch TM in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is on the eastern facet of the map. You’ll discover it amongst Zapapico and Levincia. A significant river flows amongst these two spots. The Drain Punch TM can be uncovered on the western edge of the island within this river.

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How to Craft Drain Punch TM

You can also obtain the Drain Punch TM using the new crafting system introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. After you have received the product from both of the places earlier mentioned, it will be added to your crafting list. Also, new TMs get extra to your crafting listing immediately after beating every Workforce Star boss. If you have not acquired it prior to, you can get the Drain Punch TM added to your crafting list by defeating Ortega. He specializes in Fairy varieties. His Pokémon are about level 50.

Once you have added the Drain Punch TM to your crafting listing, you can craft as many as you need making use of the TM device at any of the game’s Pokémon Facilities. You will require 8,000 League Factors, a few Mankey Furs, 5 Croagunk Poisons, and three Crabrawler Shells for each individual TM you want to craft.

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Mankey is situated in South Province (Space Five) and West Province (Place A single). You can come across Croagunk at Casseroya Lake, South Province (Location 5), and West Province (Location Two). Finally, Crabrawler is found in quite a few locations all through the activity, including Glaseado Mountain, Casseroya Lake, and East Province (Space Two).

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet can be acquired on the Nintendo eShop.

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