How to get the ‘Best’ Ending in New Tales from the Borderlands

As with most narrative online games that characteristic branching options, New Tales from the Borderlands, has a so-called “best” ending. Having the great ending New Tales indicates the a few main figures — moreover murder robotic companion L0U13 — survive, likely on to produce their have consulting organization that employs skateboard scoring to boost the morale of other providers.

To continue to keep every person alive, you’ll want to close the sport with a skateboard rating of at the very least 75%. Your skateboard score depends on effectively finishing specified swift-time situations and deciding on suitable dialogue possibilities. Go through on for to master some suggestions and see our decisions all through a few obscure functions that we applied to maximize our team’s skateboard rating.

Choose the pleasant option most of the time

Team skateboard score and relationship status with a pair of siblings and a woman on a hover chair. Wall-e style.

Impression: Gearbox Software program/2K Game titles by way of Johnny Yu for Polygon

Selecting the friendly possibility may perhaps seem like the clear issue to do to increase your staff chemistry, but this is the Borderlands universe, so you’re forgiven for thinking otherwise. In most situations, of course, go with the great and welcoming dialogue solution. If it does not look like your crew chemistry enhances, rapidly return to the menu and pick out a distinctive choice.

When making dialogue alternatives, take into account the character’s unique passions. Anu desires to protect against dying and heal culture. Octavio enjoys tacos, but also desires to generate a superior impression of himself. Fran truly wants to get revenge on Susan Coldwell. Maintain these in head as you development all over the story, and decide on the alternative that will make the character happier.

Defeat the Devourer and help save Juniper

To defeat the Devourer, you are going to have to have to successfully comprehensive the related swift-time gatherings, which will enhance your team’s coordination. Conserving Juniper will be a minimal a lot more challenging because you want to improve your skateboard score just before heading into the Vault. L0U13 gave us a score of 6 skateboards out of 10, which appeared to be high ample to save Juniper.

Here are the key dialogue options we chose beginning from Chapter 2 of Episode 2:


  • Both Octavio or Fran’s prepare led to us saving Juniper.
  • Use the guards to your advantage.


  • Encourage Anu her initiatives can protect against deaths.
  • Pick the dialogue selection “Do it for us.” to persuade Fran to support you.
  • Say “Please. I need this.”


  • Don’t snitch on Octavio

Reject the shard

Choose option reject the shard as floating green ball of fire talks to lady trapped in mechanical arm. Two other humans watch in terror as she may end the world.

Image: Gearbox Program/2K Games by means of Johnny Yu for Polygon

Deciding upon to reject the shard will direct to much more chances to improve bonds amongst character. Successfully comprehensive the swift time activities to make the trio work alongside one another and defeat Anahatium Susan.

We selected the adhering to dialogue alternatives in Chapter 6 of Episode 5:

  • Reject the shard
  • [Mouth fart]
  • Would like you’d gotten the kill, Fran.
  • The Almighty Skateboard.

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