How to Make a Gift Basket and Look Like a Pro

Do you think that making a gift basket is for the lazy ones? Well, certainly not.

In reality, there are just a few things to know that can make your homemade gift basket projects look awesome. But the challenge is how can you create an amazing one.

So, you’ve gone and picked a great basket, perfect for a special person. You’ve finally decided which gift basket suggestions to apply and picked out some fantastic personalized goodies. A perfect start!

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If you want to look for inspirations, canadian gift baskets can help you find the best item combinations. 

In the following instruction for making gift baskets, you’ll learn ways to pack your gift basket for the optimal show, how to keep contents in good view, and other decorative items that can emphasize your theme.

Let’s get started. Here are the instructions for making a perfect gift basket that looks like a pro finished product.

Instructions for Making Gift


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Vessel: Find a nice and sturdy basket or container of your own preference. Baskets are traditionally used in a “gift basket” because it’s light and inexpensive. But you can also make the vessel part of the gift by using something creative stuff such as a large mixing bowl, shoulder bag, beer bucket, wooden crater, glass pitcher, teapot, stiff hat, sleek trash basket, and so on. It is important to make sure that items will fit inside. Don’t choose a large container if your gift items are too small to fill in. Any container that matches your theme is fine. 

Filler: Magazines, newspapers, brochures, packing paper, gift wrap, or cellophane can be used to fill the large spaces and holes that many baskets and containers have inside. Just crumple it up and put multiple layers according to your desired height before adding the bedding.

Bedding: Nice looking shredded paper or other stylish bedding must go under contents. This could include shredded paper, shredded plastic, dried flowers, tissue paper, dried moss, or a keepsake such as a dish towel, table cloth, faux fur, shawl, placemats, baby blanket, or even a bandana.

Contents: Whatever gift items you’ve chosen to go in the basket, whether homemade, market-bought, or the most common combination of both, you need to choose a theme. Everything should be coordinating with each other. Here are some items you can include: food, tools, skincare, keepsakes, plants, and many more. Don’t forget to check out online gift basket suggestions for a few fun ideas.

Wrapper: You can use any flexible material you want. But most recommendable are cellophane and cling-wrap plastic. A transparent wrapper can assure the condition of your gifts, especially when you put a lot of fragile items.

Decorations: These include store-bought or other handmade decors. Various types of ribbon, especially wide ribbon, wire ribbon, and curling ribbon are commonly used. Some use wire stemmed from silk flowers and other design foliage.


Scissors: For cutting the paper, ribbon, and other materials.

Transparent Tape: For securing contents, ribbon, and cellophane.

Gift basket making is an enjoyable activity. You can make the best package depending on your creativity. Never forget to think of the special person while making your thoughtful present to them to bring out the best in you.

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