How To Paint Crisp Painting Lines Using Painter’s Tape?

No matter how hard you try, you can’t get the same crisp lines as a professional painter can create using two different colors. Professional painters know the best how to create crisp painting lines that create an appealing look. Yes, taping is the best way to create crisp lines when you are working on an interior painting Dallas project. Taping helps you to protect the overlapping of lines as well as helps you to create crisp line designs using two colors.

This guide will help you to get a crisp line similar to the professionals.

Step no. 1: Get one base color on the wall that helps you to avoid bleed through when you apply the second color of the line.

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Step no. 2: Wait until the base color dries thoroughly. After drying, adhere the painter’s tape on to the wall. Edge marks the space where the two colors have to meet.

Step no. 3: Create a bleed line, paint the tape line with the first color against the other. The tape will help you to seal the first color by avoiding second color coming through over the first.

Step no. 4: Wait till the bleed line gets dry. Once it gets dries, you should start with the second color coating. For a smoother, final and professional look, make sure that the color goes over the edge of the pain edge marks. This is the most significant step that will help you to draw crisp lines just like professionals.

Step no. 5: Once you have done with the second paint coat, it is time to peel away the tape while it is wet in the state. Most of the people do this mistake and they don’t peel away the tape until the paint gets dried. Remember that paint has a habit of sealing therefore, after drying peeling of the tape becomes very difficult. To get a perfect paint line every time, it is recommended you to peel the tape at the 90-degree angle.

Considering these steps, if you are still not sure that you can do the task by yourself then it is advisable not to waste your time as well as money trying to give an appealing look to your home. Sometimes, only regret left therefore, if you can, you can go with the steps else hire professionals to do the task on behalf of you. Then just sit and relax and see the new enhanced and appealing look of your home.

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