How to Protect Yourself From Workplace Sexual Harassment

sexual harassment at work, office woman and her lustful boss

Workplaces can be like second homes to employees working there 9 hours a day, five days a week. And to some managers and supervisors, working in established offices, having command over other employees, they may feel like they can transgress any kind of behavior and get away with it. This also includes sexually harassing employees that is against the law and a disturbing act not only for the person experiencing it but the whole department or the company if not stopped at its foundation. 

Sexual harassment is of several types and is entirely gender impartial. It’s not difficult to identify a sexual harassment attempt if it’s direct; however, if you feel uncomfortable at any verbal or slight physical advancements of a supervisor like unappropriated jokes or grazing themselves with you whenever they walk past, it is sexual harassment. In this day and age, where there are numerous social outlet channels and almost equal rights for all, a sexual harassment attempt shouldn’t be left unheard. The following are some ways to protect yourself in case such an act unfolds from any person and any hierarchy in your workplace:


Understand Inappropriate Conduct

You can feel it when there is a sexual harassment attempt made forward. However, some conduct may pass you as non-harmful when it is, in fact, inapt and shouldn’t be carried out. Or your harasser may force you into believing that it’s normal for this type of conduct. It’s essential to identify harassment by knowing your self-worth and rights in the society belonging to the gender, race, and other unique attributes that you possess and pinpoint the wrongdoer. 


Know When to Say No

While it may be uncomfortable to talk to your harasser and ask them to stop the action for good, sternly, it can be an easier way to deal with the situation. This way, you can get rid of the problem without having too many judging eyes watching and the atmosphere turning sour. However, this should never be the reason for you not to say anything. Better is to write a letter as it can be uncomfortable to have a face-to-face conversation. 


Educate Yourself on Your Rights

According to the law, every workplace has some policies and regulations stated and established against sexual harassment and reprimand for such an act. These policies can be helpful for you to take action against the harasser inside the firm and effectively. However, if there isn’t such a policy in place, you still have the law to support you. Make sure to educate yourself on your rights and get the best kind of legal help if you don’t get support from inside the firm. 


File for a Lawsuit

The last resort and appropriate action for you to take against your harasser is to file a lawsuit against them by consulting a reliable lawyer like Claudia Pollak, Esq., and gathering enough evidence. This is your right, and nothing should stop you from doing so even if the employer places your job on the line. If you are able to prove the harasser’s wrongdoing in front of the court, they will have much more to lose than you would ever. 


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