How to recognize a drinking problem

Alcohol has been one of the most common drinks throughout history. It is commonly known to play a major role in defining different cultures, tribes, and people around the world. Throughout time, alcohol has been used for many purposes. 


The earliest records of alcohol show that many people worldwide used to use alcohol for medicinal purposes. Other uses of alcohol can be found for relaxation, enjoyment, celebration, grief and were very commonly used as a medium to socialize.

No matter how you see it, throughout time, alcohol has been a significant part of humankind. Thus, it is not uncanny to hear people suffering from alcoholism. Various people throughout the world need alcohol addiction treatment.

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How to know whether someone is going through a drinking problem?

Alcohol, when consumed in a moderate amount, is not harmful or dangerous for the body, but when you do not realize the limitations of your drinking, the problem starts to arise. Here are some ways to identify whether you are addicted to alcohol or not.

  1. Unusual high tolerance towards alcoholic beverages: Every person in the world has a tolerance level for alcohol. This is because people who drink a lot tend to build tolerance towards it slowly and gradually. This is an obvious red flag. High tolerance to alcohol is a clear sign of problem drinking.

  2. Drinking whenever you are stressed: People tend to drink when they are going through a rough time. But if you are taking the help of alcohol whenever you are stressed, it is a clear indication of you getting addicted and trying to vent out your stress by having “just one drink.”

  3. Hiding alcohol from other people: If you are addicted to alcohol, you might not realize the situation and the place you are in when you are craving your drink. Drinking and hiding it from people in public areas such as work or school is a clear indication of alcoholism.

  4. Turning to alcohol for an escape: If you find yourself turning to alcohol for escaping from the reality that you are in, then you are addicted to alcohol. As much as maintaining a healthy routine is necessary for the body, alcohol addiction treatment is also required if you find yourself in this situation.

  5. Isolation and the lack of motivation: Alcohol helps to dilute the nerve ending of our brain to give us that drowsy and ecstatic feel. If you find yourself or someone else you know drifting apart from other people or losing the motivation to work, then that is one major red flag. 
  6. Raging behavior: If you find yourself or someone you know to rage often without any significant issues, they might be going through alcohol addiction.

In short, alcohol has been a significant part of the history of our world, but too much of anything is always drastic for the body. Alcohol addiction is one such kind. It is always wiser to take precautions if you see the problems mentioned above in you or someone you may know.

In such a case, when you realize even slightly that there is a problem, it is always a better option to consult a specialist at the earliest. 

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