How to repair corrupt files: 1 free tool that simplifies the process

You have an important project to execute. The deadline is approaching. So you open the needed file you’ve prepared, but a message pops up. The file can’t open.

That’s quite relatable. You might ask, did I mistakenly corrupt my file

Although that’s a possibility, you can get it fixed in some minutes. Maybe you think your file has been severely and forever damaged. Don’t give up yet until you finish reading this article.

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The causes of file corruption 

We should start with some of the reasons how your files are get corrupted in the first place. Understanding this will help you get your file back and you prevent future mistakes. 

These are the probable reasons for file corruption

  • Errors during file transfer from one device to another: An interruption during the transfer process can cause videos to be corrupt 
  • Malware attack: the presence or acquisition of other harmful programs or files can corrupt files.
  • Corrupted device storage: In other words, the file is stored in a “back sector.” The reasons include viruses, physical damage, or formatting the device incorrectly. 
  • Interruption when creating or editing videos: it can happen when your device shuts down or there’s a power cut.
  • Your system crashed: A hardware or operating system error can lead to damages to important files. 
  • Power surge. It will probably lead to serious damage to your device and the files on it. 

So when any of the above things happen, the said file will stop working. You’ll have a hard time using it. Sometimes, you’ll get a warning note that the file is corrupted and cannot be displayed. Sit tight. We are about to show you what to do.

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Common ways to repair corrupted files

Did you know some you can corrupt files yourself? You can find out how to corrupt word files, but that’s not why we are here. We are for how to repair corrupt files. 

Change the format 

One of the ways you can repair a corrupt file is to change the format. Is saved in a word doc? Try to convert it to pdf or try to view it with a pdf reader. You can initiate the conversion process if the file does not open in the previous format during the process. 

Open the file at its exact location.

Sometimes, you might encounter errors because you are selecting the file from the wrong location. For example, if you’re using windows, try to go to the file’s main folder instead of checking “recent.”  

There’s a higher probability that this might not work.

And that brings us to the third and more effective option.

Use a free repair tool.

Tools are the easiest way to do it. Some of them have zero hassles. It’s just you putting your corrupted file into software that would fix it just the way you upload a file to online storage. 

Some people still ask, will it corrupt my file again? Let’s find out. 

 How to repair corrupted files with Repairit

One of the free tools you can use out there is the Wordshare Repairit. With this tool, you can get your files, images, and files back as soon as possible and as intact as it once was. 

It’s available in Mac and windows and so easy to use. You can edit. Insert the affected file, either video or images. Then, preview it if you want or send it ti your file. 

Can this software check my file? 

Wordshare can check many files such as Excel, PowerPoint, word, and media files for errors. It’s designed for if: 

  • The file won’t open 
  • The file layout changes without your action
  • It’s garbled (the content is blurry, unclear, or mixed).
  • The file is unreadable. 

How to use it 

Launch the app 

  • Double-clicking on the desktop icon.
  • At the center of the new interface, you’ll see an “add” button. Click on it and add the file. 
  • Once your file is up, you will the details, such as the format, file name, length, and resolution. 

phone repair


  • Select the “repair” button. The repair will start immediately,
  • Finish repair, and you can preview with the “preview” button. 
  • Preview the file to see if the content is perfect. 



  • Click on “save” to have your files in a folder on your device. Use a new folder to avoid saving on the previous path where it was previously. 

Closing words

If you have files that have been damaged through one of the causes discussed earlier, you might realize it’s just some coincidence. But now, you don’t have to lose a file or waste much time before you get it fixed. You have an easier solution. The Repairit app allows you a free period in which you can test the amazing benefits. You can find the one-click repair and save, which is the most convenient way to have your file back and continue working on your projects. 

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