How to Send Money to Kenya from the UK with a Money Transfer App

As an immigrant sending money to Kenya from the UK, you sure do want a fast, secure, and reliable option. While you can use a bank, the fees are a bit higher, and the time it takes is a little too long for your liking. Therefore, the best option at hand is to use a money transfer app for such transactions. While there are so many money transfer applications, you need to focus on using the one that meets your needs in a safe and reliable way.

You probably have several questions about sending money from the UK to Kenya, especially while using a money transfer app. So, here are some of the frequently asked questions about using a money transfer app for such a transaction, and their answers:

How Much Does it Cost to Transfer Money to Kenya?

Well, the amount that you pay will depend on a lot, including the money transfer app that you’re using. The current exchange rates will also determine how much you’re going to pay. Most apps have a flat fee that you pay for transfers unless the one you choose uses a custom fee.

A good money transfer app should be honest from the start by showing you how much everything will cost you for the transaction. It should also show you how much the recipient will get on the other end. A cost calculator, therefore, is an added advantage in this case.

In addition, the fees that you pay will equally depend on the method you’re using to send funds. For instance, credit cards may cost higher than a balance you already have on your money transfer app.

All things constant, a money transfer app should be cheaper than all of the other options on the table. And this is regardless of the fees charged. In case it is more costly, then chances are that they have hidden fees.

What is the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)?

You also might be wondering when the transaction will be complete. It is a genuine concern since a money transfer app should be faster than conventional banking systems. Depending on the exact app that you’re using, the funds can reach the recipient immediately or within a day.

In some cases, there may be a delay in the arrival of funds – but customer support should communicate to you about this. Also, how fast the transaction is will depend on the payment method that you have chosen on the money transfer app. It may also depend on the routine checks the transaction goes through.

A good money transfer app will keep you updated throughout the entire process. Should the transaction take a lot longer than you had been told or expected, then you need to post a complaint. And this is where 24/7 customer service is important.

What are the Best Ways to Send Money to Kenya Using a Money Transfer App?

Money Transfer App

Of course, a money transfer app offers flexibility in the options you have on the table to send funds. You can opt to use your bank account linked to the app, or other options such as cards.

Choosing an option/method to send money will largely depend on your preferences, or what you use on a daily basis. Some methods will be faster than others. Some are even instant. When it comes to pricing, these methods differ as well. So, what are some of the methods to send money to Kenya using a money transfer app?

Bank Transfer

When it boils down to funding your international money transfer to Kenya, a bank transfer is one of the most effective and cheaper options. The only problem comes in the speed of transactions. It is rather slower when you compare it to using debit or credit cards.

Debit Card

Moving funds from the UK to Kenya using a debit card is fast and easy. It is also cheaper than using a credit card. For the record, most money transfer apps charge a little extra for credit card processing fees.

Credit Card

This is also another fast and easy way to use when funding your money transfer app. A good app will accommodate the typical cards such as MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro.

Is a Money Transfer App More Effective than Using SWIFT?

Is a Money Transfer App More Effective than Using SWIFT

Yes, it is more effective and cheaper. Using SWIFT to fund your transfer implies that the process will take longer. The charges are also higher because of handling fees. Correspondent banks normally charge handling fees for passing your funds, which becomes unnecessarily expensive. Therefore, in the end, all roads lead back to a money transfer app for efficiency and affordability.

Final Thoughts

Sending money to Kenya doesn’t have to be hard anymore, thanks to a money transfer app. Try it out today and see how effectively it works.

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