How to Stay Warm on Your Wedding Day

Weddings weren’t created with the weather in mind. While strapless dresses and lightweight fabrics are popular among brides, they are also impractical for spring weddings. The birds might be chirping outside, but you will want to cover up if it is cold.

If you expect a cold front to come through on your big day, it is crucial to prepare for both the wedding party and guests. Staying warm and looking romantic doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. If you are trying to keep warm and looking ethereal in your wedding dress, there are several ways to prepare.

What to Prepare For

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If you are set on an outdoor wedding, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead for the unexpected. Besides rain, spring can also bring cold fronts and windy weather. So, you might want to put up tents or have a covered overhang to protect you from the elements.

Anchor down things that could blow away, such as your guest registry, programs, and other paper items. Also, ensure you have a backup plan to move your entire party indoors in case the weather doesn’t cooperate at all. You can incorporate backup tactics into your wedding, so you are prepared.

Outdoor Heaters

If you are set on having your wedding service outdoors, consider incorporating heaters into your design. They are great options to add warmth to your big day. Don’t worry about the aesthetics—generally, the heaters will be set on the non-focal side and offer good results. You can also turn them off if the day ends up being warmer than expected.

Furthermore, consider heating the wedding tent. Typically, rental companies offer heaters that use electricity to run the fan and propane to fuel the heat. Choose a heater that has a thermostat. This way, you can be sure the heater doesn’t run continuously, so you don’t run out of propane early in the night.

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Oversized Coats

Wedding dresses usually highlight a heavily layered skirt, which is what makes them stand out. It will also help you hide warm leggings underneath without anyone noticing. If your dress is long enough, you can even hide warmer and more comfortable shoes.

However, for your top half, consider looking fabulous in an oversized coat that covers the dress, especially for the photoshoot. If you want to forego the jacket, find a fur shawl instead. If your big day is happening on an extra cold day, don’t forget to bring hand warmers for in-between moments.

Long-Sleeve Wedding Dresses

For every bride-to-be, finding a wedding dress that feels timeless is always a top priority. A consistently classic gown style is the long-sleeve wedding dress. Gowns with long, fitted sleeves have been a personal favorite for centuries, thanks to their versatility and elegance.

Alongside covering up your arms and making you look more conservative, long-sleeve gowns also keep you warm. Fortunately, modern wedding dress designers are coming up with long-sleeve dresses in multiple styles—from Victorian-inspired to minimalist, architectural, and bohemian. You can also find detachable sleeves, so you have the option to remove them throughout the night.

Hot Drinks

If there is one thing that all wedding guests love, it’s a signature drink. Classic drinks like mojitos, margaritas, and fruit-filled sangria aren’t quite suited for cooler months. Spring weddings can be hot or cold, so your drink options should accommodate both. 

One fun option is setting up a hot drink station with drinks like spiced toddy, mulled wine, coffee, and tea for adults, and hot chocolate for kids. You can also opt to serve warmed apple cider with or without your favorite alcohol of choice. Regardless of what you choose, make sure guests have something to sip on while they’re waiting.

Enjoy Every Bit of Your Big Day

One of the easiest ways to keep your guests warm throughout your big day is to keep them moving. Find entertainment, such as a band or musician with high energy, or a diverse set-list to get your friends and family onto the dance floor. Alongside keeping them warm, it will also help them remember your wedding forever.

Spring is a magical time to get married. It is associated with ethereal nights, festivities, and romance. With the right amount of planning and preparation, you will not have to worry about cold snaps preventing you from having a perfect celebratory day.

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