How Will You Choose the Right Golf Driver?

A good quality driver makes for a long and straight hit of the ball that every golf player desires. The driver sets the tone for any game, and when you choose the wrong one, it affects your scores and makes you regret such a hefty investment.

Drivers are the most expensive equipment in any golf bag, and purchasing one is daunting for both new and casual golfers. In that case, getting a Callaway Rogue can be a safe option. However, if you have your own requirements and want to navigate different products in the market, considering some factors can help you with the search. Following are the details.

Head Size

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The largest USGA-approved club weight is 460cc, and the smaller ones weigh between 420cc and 440cc. Club heads with 460cc can help amateurs increase the momentum and launch the ball in the air more easily.

Smaller club heads have less weight around their perimeter, which helps consistent ball launch. Skilled golfers prefer small club heads for better maneuverability. 

Head Shape

Drivers have both round and square club heads. Roundheads can be easier to use if you are a beginner as they are less clunky and do not get caught in the ground before impact. 

On the other hand, square clubs are decreasing in popularity due to their aesthetics and the sound they create on impact. However, square clubs have an advantage over round clubs for their large club faces, which reduces the chances of error. 

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Head Color

Aesthetics can be a vital determinant when picking a driver. While black is the traditional color for the driver’s head, manufacturers now build them in different colors. For example, you can get Callaway Rogue in multiple color options that contrast nicely against the green grass. If you’re getting a good swing with some change of color, go for it. You can also get a removable crown for protecting the driver’s head and adding some personality to your driver. 


There is no standard length for a driver. Different manufacturers offer different models with lengths between 43.5 inches and 48 inches. The longer the shaft is, the faster the head travels. However, the long lengths might not offer you the best control and could cause a problem while trying to hit the ball squarely. So, choose the length that allows you to hit accurately and consistently.   


Golfers tend to choose drivers that have the least amount of loft to make it travel farthest. Typically, the loft ranges between 7.5 degrees and 15 degrees. If you have a slow swing speed, you need more loft. However, a driver with a 10.5-to-12-degree loft would be ideal for someone with an average swing speed. Big hitters can work fine with 7.5 degrees of loft on the driver.

Shaft Flexibility

Shaft flexibility determines how much the shaft bends upon impact. If you have a fast swing, you may like stiff shafts made of steel, and if you have a slower swing speed, you can benefit from the more flexible ones made of graphite. As modern shafts are longer and lighter than those made in the past, you must experiment with different shafts to get the flexibility you want. 

When you are looking for a new driver, there are several things you need to consider. However, club fitting can be the best way to choose the correct driver that matches your swing. You can also take the advice of an experienced shop attendant or golf instructor to analyze your swing and select a driver that effectively eliminates your quirks and inconsistencies. 

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