ICR Software – Helping Businesses Go Digital in the Modern Age

The Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) software is often used in banking, eCommerce, cryptocurrency, healthcare, and innumerable other platforms. It speeds up the process of extracting data filled out by hand, which further results in accurate validation of the provided documents for multiple uses. The solution can accurately recognize handwritten text on uploaded photos of specific documents due to machine learning capabilities. As every form, document, and design contains a lot of areas that must be filled out by hand, so all firms use ICR software in this digital age.


ICR software is linked with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. Both scanning services are frequently viewed inappropriately. They are considered one by most people. It’s not the case, though. ICR extends the capabilities of OCR technology.

Optical character readers are widely used in document verification procedures for registering with or obtaining services from a certain organization or bank. The OCR technology extracts the printed fields from the given documents and reorganizes the necessary information’s structural layout.

Intelligent character recognition app, on the other hand, is employed to check textual information filled out by hand, most likely the concerned person’s signature or any customized description of the form.

Intelligent Word Recognition 

IWR (Intelligent Word Recognition) is another technology that is frequently mistaken for the ICR process. They both have subgroups called ICR and OCR. By its very name, the IWR makes it obvious that it can read handwritten text on documents, even if those documents aren’t typically designed in a structured way.

The Process of ICR Software

ICR software works exactly like a human would while learning and recognizing new things: it gathers information from its environment and senses. Despite the intricacy of the user’s writing style, the AI system of the ICR software has several writing styles and typefaces encoded so that it can distinguish billions of writing formats and quickly extract the needed information.

  1. The document is uploaded digitally to the platform for verification during OCR scanning. The handwritten portion of the image is scanned by the mobile ICR.
  2. Every word of the textual content is examined by the scanning application. Because of the ICR technology’s self-learning design, fabricated characters are immediately recognized and rejected.
  3. For the benefit of the concerned bank or company, character verification presents the improved data in a suitable structure.

The given documents must be kept in brand-new condition. Damaged documents that have been manually corrected and overwritten won’t be detected correctly. In order to preserve safety, such as ensuring that clients or documents don’t advance to the next level, the ICR mobile app assigns low confidence ratings to ambiguous or overwritten numbers or alphabets, meaning the system cannot detect and pull information from them.

Why Do Companies Need ICR Technology When They Already have OCR?

There are millions of different writing styles used by people, some of which can be recognized by human verification and others that may not. The technology saves a lot of extra time that would otherwise be spent trying to read handwritten text. It is especially important given that it is an era of widespread globalization and that every bank and company wants to expand internationally or wants to have a huge number of clients who want efficient services.

As a result, a business or platform processes a sizable number of documents as well as forms every day. Optical text recognition handles the printed data in a widely used style or typeface. The ICR system, however, manages the handwritten content.

Since every application or document has a particular writing style, the ICR software identifies the complex written material and transforms it into an original form for the ease of checking or processing systems so that the client registration process can be frictionless.

Final Thoughts

OCR technology is not complete without ICR software. Uploaded papers in soft copy, physical clerical work, and standard templates can all have handwritten content that is recognized by an ICR scanner. After the ICR program scans a person or a company, the company or bank ensures complete confirmation of that person or company. The engraved text is easy to read and analyze, but the handwritten portion can often be challenging to read owing to poor writing or foreign styles and typefaces. The ICR handwritten detection solution greatly reduces the amount of time needed for data identification and processing because the method’s self-learning system becomes better with each scan.

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