IMO class 5 Eligibility Criteria 2021

International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the maths championship held each year around the world. It is an annual exam for students from classes 1 to 12. Over 7000 students participate each year in this championship. The main objective of the International Mathematical Olympiad exam is to encourage young talents and improve their mathematical skill. 

The competition in IMO is very high. That is why students start preparing for the exam in advance so that they can get a high rank in the exam. 

Students who wish to appear in IMO must be fully prepared for the exam. They might take help from sample papers, practice mock papers, or download IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 5 2012 from online.

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Here we will discuss the eligibility criteria of the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) class 5 students. 

IMO Eligibility Criteria

Students who want to take the IMO exam must be familiar with its eligibility criteria. The International Mathematical Olympiad is an annual math contest held by the Science Olympiad Foundation for high school students. Detailed eligibility criteria for the IMO Olympics are provided below for student reference. It should be noted that the admission criteria for the IMO exam are very medium and have remained the same for the past few years. 

Students must know the IMO exam eligibility criteria before they start preparing for the IMO exam.

Students at schools with SOF can apply for IMO. The school must select the appropriate exam date and register 30 days before the exam date. Interested students can enroll in the SOFIMO exam from their respective schools. If the school cannot take the IMO exam, individual registration will be accepted. At least 10 students from each school are required to enroll in the SOFIMO exam. Grades 4 and 444, grades 1-12, who want to assess their academic performance in mathematics, are eligible for the IMO Level 1 exam questions. The IMO exam is conducted at two levels, Level 1 and Level 2. Students who achieve the lowest grades at Level 1 are eligible for the IMO Level 2  exam.

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Eligibility Criteria for Level 1 IMO Exam

All students in grades 1 to 12 are eligible for the IMO Level 1 exam, regardless of their academic performance. Moderate entry criteria for IMO level 1 exam questions will help in increasing the level of participation of students from all over the world. Students in grades 1-12 who have completed apprenticeships at home and abroad are free to apply for the IMO Level 1 exam.

Eligibility Criteria for Level 2 IMO Exam

The IMO Level 2 test is led for students from classes 3 to 12. Those students who are in these classes and qualify for level 1 of the IMO test paper will be shortlisted for the Level 2 test. Further, there are eligibility rules for upcoming students who can apply for the Level 2 IMO Test Paper.

  • The top 5 students are internationally qualified for Level 2 exams.
  • The top 25 students for each class and region qualify for the Level 2 IMO test.
  • Higher-level holders of each section are additionally qualified for the Level 2 IMO test.
  • Rank holders of each participating school, from which at least 10 students from the class attempted the test and obtained semi-qualifying marks.
  • Class 1 and class 2 students are not required to appear for the level 2 exam as their presentation will be fair and judged, based on the class 1 exam.

What is IMO Exam?

The IMO Test is an annual Olympiad mathematics test coordinated by the Science Olympiad Foundation for students from classes 1 to 12. The full structure of the IMO test represents the International Mathematical Olympiad test. The IMO test is expected to identify and activate students who are skilled to become future researchers or technologists. IMO tests help well-equipped students who compete with different students all over the world. It empowers the students to decide on their math abilities. The side effects of IMO provide students with a framework for their educational development. A student’s presentation report reflects particular surveys of students’ effectiveness in testing.

Exam Pattern For Class 5th

Students who are appearing for the IMO exam have to attempt 50 questions. The duration of the IMO exam for attempting 50 questions is 1 hour.

The IMO Exam Question Paper for Classes 5th Includes 4 Sections.

Section 1 – Logical reasoning – 15 questions of 15 Marks

Section 2 – Mathematical reasoning – 20 questions of  20 Marks

Section 3 – Everyday Mathematics – 10 questions of 10 Marks

Section 4 – Achievers Section – 5 questions of 15 Marks

IMO Exam Application

Interested candidates can obtain the IMO Exam Registration Form from their respective schools. Students can apply for the registration form through their respective schools by following the steps given below. school registered with

  • SOF will receive a pamphlet along with the registration form.
  • Schools must first enroll in SOF. Students can enroll in their respective schools.
  • Even if your school is not registered with SOF, you can still get potential clients by contacting SOF.
  • Schools can contact SOF by phone or by email.
  • Interested candidates can fill the form with all relevant details and submit the form to their respective schools.
  • Schools are required to fill up a SOF on a properly registered form by the due date.


Every student studying in class V can appear for International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). Since IMO class 5th syllabus is similar to the school syllabus, students can easily prepare for exams along with their school studies.

Those students appearing for the IMO exam get selected by Olympic Matematic Kevansarn, OMK (National Mathematical Olympiad), and subsequent training camps. 

After that, the best OMK participants will be selected by the panel for further participation in the training camp and the final IMO representative will be selected based on their performance.

You can check the dates and syllabus details on the official site of IMO.

Remember the competition is very tough as students from all over the world appear for this exam. So prepare well for IMO to get a higher rank in it. All the best!

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