5 Reasons Using Impact Windows Are Worth the Cost

Even if your house is prepared to weather a hurricane, hurricane season may be stressful. While boarding up windows and sandbagging will help prevent damage from wind and rising waves, updating your windows to withstand 200-mph winds can offer you even more peace of mind. Windows with storm impact protection guard against large, wind-borne debris.  

Upon first glance, they resemble regular windows. However, hurricane impact windows offer a more affordable, long-term damage solution than standard windows. This makes them a good choice for homeowners living in areas where hurricane season is a regular part of winter and summer.  

While hurricane shutters are a physical barrier blocking light, homeowners can look outdoors through impact windows. Consequently, you may want to increase protection by purchasing hurricane shutters and storm-proof windows to ensure that you are adequately prepared for hurricane season in your area. 

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Here are five advantages of impact windows to consider before the next storm. 

Insurance Discounts 

Due to rising insurance costs in coastal regions, homeowners in hurricane-prone areas are looking for reductions and cost-effective repairs. You might be shocked to find that installing impact windows might lower your home insurance premiums. 

Many home insurance policies offer discounts to homeowners who upgrade each entry point of their house. Adding shutters or impact glass might save you a lot of money, but every opening also needs to be covered. Glass blocks, skylights, doors, and garage doors fall under this category. 

Insurance savings might help offset the expense of increased rates over time. This is especially true if you reside in Florida, where storms are intensifying due to long-term climate variability trends. As a result, it is advisable to find the best impact windows Miami vendors and upgrade your house. 

Better Storm Protection 

One of the most significant advantages of impact windows is their capacity to endure flying debris. They provide the finest protection against hurricane-force winds, which damage houses annually. 

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), windows and doors are the most common sources of damage to houses during a storm, which is why they should be protected.  

According to FEMA, standard windows and glazed portions of doors are vulnerable to wind-borne debris in coastal environments. Traditional windows and glass sections of doors, if shattered, can allow wind, debris, and rain to enter the building’s interior. Furthermore, shattered windows and doors raise internal pressure, leading to long-term structural damage. 

Lowers Your Cooling Costs 

Most individuals choose to reside in Florida and Alabama because of the pleasant weather in the fall and winter. However, high temperatures come at the cost of a scorching summer. Even though there is typically a nice wind from the Gulf, the summer months are quite hot and humid. 

While air conditioning is a terrific way to cool off in these hot temperatures, it may be costly. Electric expenditures might be three times greater when the air conditioner is turned on. You might be surprised to learn that impact glass windows can also help tackle this issue. 

Impact windows’ multi-layer structure considerably minimizes the amount of solar heat that enters your home. The more heat entering your home, the harder your air conditioner must work to keep it cool. 

Additionally, although Florida is warm all year, there are occasional freezing winter evenings. Impact glass windows will keep the heat in your home, keeping your family comfortable throughout the night. 

Offer Soundproofing   

In addition to the above benefits, storm impact windows also insulate your home from noise. Since impact windows are made of laminated glass and are coated with polyvinyl butyral to catch debris, they offer excellent soundproofing and provide storm protection. 

Windows generally have an STC or Standard Transmission Coefficient (the value used to gauge sound transmission) of 29 or less. STC values for storm impact windows range from 32 to 35. This is a significant difference if you attempt to drown out street noise. 

Your home is also protected from ultraviolet (UV) light through impact-resistant windows. UV light may damage your property by fading fabric, pictures, and paint. High-impact windows are coated with Low-E to prevent fading and discoloration of furniture caused by UV light. The coating also helps prevent the breakage of the glass. 

Impact windows will not only increase the protection of your home in the event of a storm, but they will also make it seem more pleasant, private, and peaceful throughout the year. 

Boosts the Resale Value of Your Home 

The structural and security elements are the most important considerations when shopping for a new house. The roof, foundation, electricity, and windows significantly influence a home’s safety. As a result, adding impact glass windows might substantially increase the value of your property. The fact that buyers would not have to install these windows themselves will interest them. 

Final Thoughts 

Hurricanes are an unavoidable part of life, particularly in coastal areas. These storms can cause a variety of problems, notably property damage, in addition to terrible weather. As the hurricane season draws close, hurricane-resistant impact windows may be worth considering next year. These windows act as the first line of defense against high winds and flying debris, protecting your house, valuables, and family. They provide security, weather protection, interior comfort, energy savings, and aesthetic appeal to your home. 

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