Indian Farmer Files Complaint Against Neighbor Claiming His 63 Chickens Died Due To Their Loud Music 

A poultry farm owner in India’s Odisha state filed a complaint against his neighbor claiming that 63 of his chickens died due to the loud music they were playing.

The man filed a complaint at the Nilagiri Police Station, said a report by IndiaToday.

In the complaint, Ranjit Parida claims that his chickens died of suspected heart attack due to loud DJ music, which was played at his neighbors wedding procession.

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Ranjit said that his neighbor’s wedding processing passed through his farm at around 11:30 PM. 

He says this caused the chickens to behave unusually with some of them jumping and hissing loudly. 

Ranjit also went to the party and requested his neighbors to lower the volume, however, no one listened to him.

The farmer claims he tried to revive the chickens, however they passed away.

In a desperate bid to save them, Ranjit brought the chickens to a local vet, who said the chickens passed away due to loud noise.

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After the wedding, Ranjit went to settle the matter with his neighbors, however, he was not heard by the family.

Ranjit said he only wanted compensation for the deaths of his chickens, but the family refused, which left him with no options.

He filed an FIR with the police and an official investigation was launched.

Ranjit, 22, is an Engineering graduate who runs a poultry farm, which he started with a bank loan, said the police.

Balasore Police SP Sudhanshu Mishra told India released a statement about the incident.

They said:

The charges were being verified. However, the issue has been settled by both parties amicably at the police station.

Ramchandra Parida, the person who was responsible for the deaths of the chickens, was not happy with the complaint.

In his defense, he said:

When lakhs of chickens are transported on the road on daily basis amid blaring horns, how is it possible that the birds in his farm died due to DJ music? However, after he came to me and complained about the loud noise, we lowered the volume.

The matter was resolved in a police station.

It remains unclear how much Ramchandra had to pay in compensation. 

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