Indulge in south Indian food at Cambridge

South Indian food comes mainly from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Rice is their staple food, and not to forget the use of coconut and spices is essential for South Indians. Kerala, Tamil Nadu being on the coastal area, the people out there consume a lot of seafood like fish especially, prawns etc.

Indian food available all around the world:

You can find the Best Indian restaurant Cambridge, USA, Australia and many other parts of the world. Many Indians cannot do without spice in their food and when they go out of India, the food in places like UK, USA and other countries they prefer having bland food which has not much spice in it. Due to which many Indians out of India have opened up Indian restaurants for the people who have a spicy taste bud and for the Indians who can’t do without their spicy food.

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There are many south Indian restaurant as well who prepare authentic south Indian dishes like dosa, idly, sambhar, Vada etc. In India, curry is the most famous dish, it is a spicy gravy dish, which has a variety of ways to be served. Indian curry is not only loved by Indians but by people from all across the world. Every Indian dish has its curry from malaikofta to butter chicken. The food plays a huge role in Indian culture, and it’s festivities. Different regions of the country have their own specialties that come out during their festivals in India and celebrated throughout the country.

The traditional Indian food:

The national or the traditional Indian food is Khichdi, it is a mix of rice and pulses with some turmeric powder and salt, which is boiled or steam, but many put their touch to it by putting a lot of vegetable and spices. The people of India love their traditional sabji (vegetable), roti, dal(pulses) and rice with some pickle, papad and buttermilk and a little sweet at the end.  

Famous dishes like the Hyderabadi biryani has been the most loved by many non-vegetarian lovers or eaters. The typical biryani consists of a lot of spices, rice and chicken or mutton. Other than the food, people of India love their tea which is known as “chai” in India. They drink it all day long; it is like coffee for them, to keep them working. They want their tea without fail in the morning and evening.

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