Inspite of Dominating the Prime 10, the Naruto Manga Spin-off Frontrunner Isn’t really an Uchiha


Yellow flash prequel any one?

In December, at Bounce Festa 2023, an formal poll was introduced that would operate from Dec. 17, 2022, until Jan. 31, 2023, that would let Naruto followers to put a vote for their most loved character, with the winner obtaining their personal spinoff manga. And though there is nevertheless a lot of time left, the frontrunner could possibly shock some people today, as it isn’t an Uchiha.

The Twitter account Shonen Leaks, which has now been suspended, disclosed that Minato Namikaze, aka the Yellow Flash, is at present in the lead for the most votes so significantly, beating the likes of lover-most loved characters like Itachi Uchiha and Jiraiya. Names like Shikamaru Nara, Gaara, and Orochimaru are significantly absent from the record, which is presently dominated by Uchiha figures.

The Frontrunner for Their Own Naruto Spinoff Surprisingly Isn't Even Itachi Uchiha
Picture Supply: Shonen Leaks

Minato Namikaze is Naruto’s father and is thought of one of the most impressive ninjas in the world of Naruto, as effectively as remaining liable for sealing the demonic nine tails fox within him to conserve the Concealed Leaf village. He is seen sporadically through Naruto Shippuden, generally by way of flashbacks and his reanimation through the War Arc.

There is probable for a Minato-led tale as it will allow for lovers to just take a deep dive into the distant previous into the Hidden Leaf and look at Minato generate his standing as the Yellow Flash. It will also permit lovers to see him teach less than a youthful Jiraiya and the brutalities of the 3rd Great Ninja War, which were being teased during Kakashi Gaiden.

While all of that sounds tantalizing, the plan of subsequent Minato on his journey to turning into Hokage feels a minimal too identical to the authentic Naruto manga. As it stands, Itachi Uchiha and his childhood buddy Shisui are in next and 3rd place, respectively.

Itachi is viewed as to be a single of the darkest and much more tragic figures in Naruto. His backstory with Shisui and his time in the Anbu Black Ops, which embodies the dark facet of the Hidden Leaf, begs to be explored. His youthful brother Sasuke is set to get his have manga spinoff which will adapt his adventures highlighted in a light novel.

Enthusiasts are however able to cast votes at Narutop 99 the final results will be announced in April next yr, with the manga established to be revealed at a later on date.

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