Instagram Post Ideas For Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and we are sure that you are done with all the Christmas preparations. This Christmas bring out the best creative and write some beautiful and amazing Christmas Card wishes and messages for your family and loved ones. 

Now that you are all prepared for your family and friends, let’s think about your wonderful Instagram family. 

If you are an Instagram biggie or a huge celebrity, we are sure that you might be looking for some tips and points to engage your Instagram content this Christmas. There are many things that can be done to be Christmasy on your Instagram. 

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We have some important and extraordinary Instagram post ideas for you to make your account look more festive. 

Instagram Post Ideas for Christmas

Plan Theme

One of the best ideas to build your Instagram during Christmas is by planning a theme for your account. Edit your pictures with warm tones to give a wintery feel. You can also add as many colors as possible because what is even Christmas without vibrant colors? 

Do some basic photography and edit them into a beautiful picture. Just make sure that you clearly focus on the object of the picture. 

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One thing that is important to remember is that the stronger your, the more audience it will reach.

Your theme should clearly tell your point of view. 

Behind the Scene

Make your followers a part of your routine, take them behind the scene and share a few insights with them. You can make a separate video regarding the editing of a picture and share some tips and tricks. You can use some Christmas songs to enhance the engagement of the video.

You can also add some small video clips and pictures of you celebrating Christmas. You can engage your audience into some amazing things like sharing exclusive content on your stories. This will hook up the attention of the audience towards your posts and stories.


Use as many festive captions as you can! Make use of Christmas captions for Instagram posts. We all know that Instagram does not allow lengthy captions, so use small and precise captions. Share some personal thoughts and feelings on your Instagram captions. 

You can also ask some questions to your followers on your caption like: “What’s your plan for Christmas?”, “What are you doing this Christmas?”, “ What is your New Year’s Resolution?” 

This will force your followers to engage in your comment section. Also it would feel amazing knowing that so many people read your captions.

Create a Festive Gift Guide

Choosing a Christmas Gift is always a struggle. You can use your Instagram to help your amazing wonderful Instagram family. Share your ideas of gifting with your followers. Put a little extra effort in clicking a great picture for posting on your Instagram. 

In this way, you will not only be helping your followers pick a gift, you can also do a promotion of a product or a company that you are associated with. 

You can also help the last minute shoppers by telling them about some of the amazing gift cards or e-cards. 

Along with this, you can also add a flavor to the festivities by doing a festive clothing for your followers. If you are a fashion blogger, this will be a great idea for your growth and engagement on Instagram. 

Run a Christmas Giveaway

Running a Christmas Giveaway is always a great idea, with Christmas or without Christmas. This Christmas engage with your audience by running a giveaway. You can set the giveaway on Christmas. Pick some particular guidelines you would want your followers to follow. Also, don’t forget to add an amazing gift hamper just for the amazing family you made on Instagram. 

Dedicate at least three to four Instagram posts to the giveaway. Add stories regarding them as giveaways and ask your followers to do the same. This will help you gain attention of the followers as well as increase the engagement  of your account. 

Christmasy Post 

The last and the most important Instagram post must be a super Christmasy post. Post a picture on your Instagram that is everything Christmas. It can be a family picture with Christmas Caps, or a picture of your beautiful Christmas tree. The picture can be anything regarding your activities during Christmas. Greet your followers with something snowy alongside some gingerbread and wine. 

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