Introduction to Breast Lift Surgeries: Overview, Advantages, and Procedure

Plastic surgeries are in. Australia especially ranks pretty high on the list of countries that prefer it. 

However, out of all types of plastic surgery procedures available, breast lifts are among the more popular. Sydney, housing some of the most prominent plastic surgery clinics, saw many of them.

Besides, getting a breast lift in Sydney can be quite advantageous. In fact, in 2018, plastic surgeons made a bag performing 109,638 of them. 

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Read on to learn more about them.

What Is Breast Lift Surgery?

Mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, is a medical procedure that lifts and tightens the breasts. This procedure tries to counteract the effects of aging, pregnancy, etc., by reshaping the breasts for a natural but revamped look. 

A breast lift does not affect the size of the breasts. But one can combine it with other procedures such as breast reduction or breast augmentation. Further, they are performed in a hospital or an outpatient surgical ward.

Advantages of Getting Breast Lift Surgery

If one’s breasts droop or their nipples point downward, they may opt for a breast lift. They can greatly improve sagging by raising the nipples’ and areolae’s positions.

During the surgery, surgeons might also reduce the size of the areolae to keep them proportionate to the new shape of the breasts. Furthermore, a breast lift may boost one’s self-image and confidence.

The Process

There are four main steps to a breast lift in Sydney. They have been described below.

  • Anesthesia

The surgeon administers an anesthetic suited to the patient for absolute comfort during the medical procedure. It can either be intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.

  • Incisions

The surgeon performs any one of the following incisions:

  • Surrounding the areola.
  • Around the areola and down to the breast crease in a vertical line.
  • Surrounding the areola, horizontally all along the breast crease and vertically downwards from the breast crease.
  • Reshaping

After creating incisions, surgeons perform the following procedures.

  • Breast contour and firmness are improved by lifting and reshaping the underlying breast tissue.
  • The nipples are raised to a normal height.
  • If required, larger areolas are decreased by excising skin around the periphery.
  • The surgeon removes any extra breast skin to adjust for a loss of elasticity.
  • Closing of Incisions

Following the reshaping of the breasts and removal of extra skin, surgeons tighten the remaining skin while closing the incisions.

Some incision lines from breast lifts are hidden within the natural breast curves, while some are noticeable on the breast. Moreover, incision lines are permanent. However, in most instances, they fade and improve dramatically with time.

Precautions to Take Before Surgery

Breast lifts are for all. However, it is crucial to follow certain protocols before entering the operating room.

  • Examine medical records for any history of mammograms, breast biopsies, or medication that could have an adverse effect.
  • Get a physical exam from a doctor.
  • Discuss any expectations from the surgery, including breast shape, lift height or even size.

While slightly pricey, getting a breast lift in Sydney is a good idea for anyone looking to improve their appearance. They are extremely safe procedures as long as the patient takes appropriate measures. Moreover, it’s a short procedure and has long-term advantages. 

Nevertheless, getting professional advice before opting for any medical procedure is always good. So, be sure to discuss the specifics with a doctor!

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