Is BEMER Therapy Real?

Is BEMER a real therapy or just a fad? You might have a few concerns about its efficacy. The idea of utilizing electrical or magnetic fields for therapeutic purposes has been in practice for ages. The therapy works on the same principle. These devices are safe as they produce waves that synchronize with your body’s natural environment. The following discussion helps to clear out doubts about the efficacy of the treatment.

What Do You Need To Know About BEMER?

The BEMER system was developed in Germany about two decades before. The system started gaining popularity in the U.S. in 2006. Later, the technique became a rapidly growing new therapeutic technique in healthcare centers across the country. In case you are skeptical about using the therapy, you can explore various investigations published on PubMed. It is an authentic and reliable government website that entails peer-reviewed medical studies. A study proves that BEMER can effectively increase blood flow in micro-vessels, which in turn – optimizes recovery, restores your body’s functionality, increases your energy level, and decreases fatigue.

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Can BEMER Cure Diseases? 

BEMER (Bio Electromagnetic Energy Regulation) uses a low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic field in a biorhythmic format. It mostly involves the use of a full-body mat with accessories. The therapy has turned out to be a revolutionary medical technology that stimulates your body’s natural systems to upgrade your health, rejuvenate your body with booze of energy, and reduce the unwanted hideous health conditions.

The therapy utilizes a patented Pulsed Electromagnetic signal (PEMF) to activate the mitochondria in cells to boost ATP production (adenosine triphosphate), the body’s main source of energy. The organelle is also responsible for producing nitrous oxide, another crucial compound that enables your capillaries to expand for adequate blood flow.

BEMER Helps To Prevent Future Diseases

BEMER does not claim to cure diseases; rather, it improves your body’s basal health to prevent the invasion of diseases and stops them from getting worse. Cells’ inability to get enough blood is the major factor for a majority of ailments. When cells do not receive nutrients and oxygen and are unable to get rid of waste and carbon dioxide, they become dysfunctional leading to dysfunctional organs. This is what you feel when cells are not in good condition.


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  •       Lack of energy
  •       Tiredness and fatigue despite taking enough rest
  •       Brain fog
  •       Faulty cognitive clarity
  •       Sleep disturbances
  •       Discomfort due to acute or chronic illness

The therapy acts as an effective adjunctive treatment that provides relief in these symptoms. That is why many medical and wellness centers have incorporated the therapeutic technique in their treatment plans. 

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Scientists are investigating the impacts of long-term deprivation of the Earth’s magnetic field on human bodies during space travel. On leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, astronauts are no longer under the influence of Earth’s magnetic field. This could adversely impact their blood flow, muscles, bones, and internal and external organs.

The FDA-registered devices improve the functionality of your body naturally. This is the reason that NASA has signed an agreement that supports investigations regarding the use of the BEMER modality in astronaut spacesuits. According to the agreement


BEMER therapy has the right potential to boost your body’s performance by addressing the health issues at a cellular level. Whether you require increased energy level or relief from chronic or acute conditions, whatever is the nature or intensity of your condition, BEMER is your safest and easiest health partner.

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