Is Erectile Dysfunction in the Genes?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is marked by problems with achieving or maintaining an erection. According to BJU medical journal, ED affects one in five men (4.3 million men) across the UK. Due to the global prevalence of ED, it has been thoroughly researched. Today, there are plenty of cheap viagra, generic Cialis and generic sildenafil options that help men overcome ED. However, we still need to know more about the causes. There are some obvious causes of ED, such as a health issue or age factor, but there are also some less known ones, such as genes. This blog will discuss whether Erectile Dysfunction can be in your Genes. 

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


Our bodies are complicated, and various processes and functions go into something even as simple as getting and staying erect. ED is often a sign of other underlying physical and mental health problems. Let’s see the common causes of ED. 

Physical Causes 

ED can often be caused due to cardiovascular problems. As blood flow is significantly inhibited, it can get harder and harder for blood to reach the penis. Furthermore, people with high blood pressure, diabetes and prostate issues can also suffer from ED as a side effect. Our overall physical health tends to determine whether or not we will suffer from ED. An unhealthy sedentary lifestyle and overconsumption of alcohol and drugs are other reasons that are linked to ED. 

Mental Causes 

Achieving and maintaining an erection is a mental process as it is physical. People who suffer from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or low self-esteem can find it harder to get an erection. Their brains are often clouded with negative thoughts and find it hard to concentrate and be in the moment during sex. Numerous antidepressants also lower the libido, making it even harder to be sexually stimulated. 

Interpersonal Issues 


Stress and anxiety about performing sexually or pleasing a partner can cause ED. When a person feels unable to meet their partner’s sexual expectations, they may start feeling unworthy or incapable. These feelings of inadequacy can lead to low self-esteem. This then materialises as physical symptoms. Couples who have been together for too long can also grow apart, leading to decreased attraction and affection. This frequently causes problems achieving an erection. 

ED and Genetics 

Certain physical conditions such as stroke, diabetes, and heart disease can cause erectile dysfunction, and these diseases can be passed on from parents to their children. Through detailed research, these diseases have been linked to causing difficulty in achieving an erection since they interfere with the blood supply to the penis.


However, new research is being conducted every day, and scientists now believe they may have found a direct genetic link to ED. 

The Latest Research 


According to the latest research, a new genetic risk factor for ED has been identified. Investigators from the study found gene variations in a specific spot in the human genome near the SIM1 gene are significantly associated with an increased risk of ED. Genetics has always been believed to play a role in about one-third of erectile dysfunction cases. However, this new research is the first time scientists have connected a specific genomic location with the disorder.


This study took a large sample from various data banks of European and US men. Five hundred thousand people aged 40-69 were recruited. These volunteers also completed several detailed questionnaires and provided measurements, blood, urine and saliva samples. In addition, they continued to have follow-up appointments over the years. This thorough sampling method allowed for a very detailed study that helped identify many answers regarding health, well-being, and the risk of future health conditions. 


The results showed that a genetic location was responsible for a slightly increased risk of ED. Furthermore, the study also identified an increased risk of Type-2  diabetes as a risk factor for developing ED. Type-2 diabetes has empirically been linked with ED, but previously this was thought to be due to hindered blood flow. This research suggests that Type-2 diabetes is likely a cause of ED. This also means that treating it may lower ED risk.

How Can Genes affect ED?

The aforementioned study suggests that the identified genetic risk may be causing ED by affecting the brain and nervous system, specifically the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus regulates many unconscious bodily functions such as breathing, heart rate, and sexual response. As part of the research, the same gene was responsible for impaired sexual performance in mice. 


What does this mean for Treatment? 

Currently, it is not possible to simply change our genes. This is because the technology and research required for such a complicated process have not yet been developed. However, by understanding the cause and risk of ED, we can think about how we may advise or treat patients. In addition, this new genetic research may provide opportunities to develop new drugs to treat ED. 


How to minimise the chances of developing ED? 

Physiological and lifestyle issues such as obesity, smoking, or cardiovascular problems are still likely to be the primary reasons why men develop ED. Hence one must refrain from overconsumption of toxic materials such as alcohol and tobacco. Furthermore, adopting an active lifestyle can also go a long way toward preventing such issues as ED. 


If you believe you may suffer from ED and need medication, the best course of action is first to see a physician. Low viagra price can be tempting to self-medicate, but there are different types of ED medications, and only a doctor can tell which one is right for you. There is Generic Viagra, there is Cialis Generic, there is Levitra, and there is Cheap Sildenafil. Your doctor will guide you on what steps to take and which ED medication would be best for you. You do not need to suffer in silence. You may also seek support from your partner as you get through ED. 


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