ISRO: ISRO produced background again, efficiently test-fired Gaganyaan Lower Altitude Escape Motor

Save The Astronauts :  ISRO effectively exam-fired the Crew Escape System’s Reduced Altitude Escape Motor from Sriharikota on Wednesday. Which has proved to be one more milestone in the Gaganyaan venture. ISRO has when all over again created record. That is why ISRO is getting remarkably appreciated in the nation.

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LEM is a typical solid rocket motor with four reverse flow nozzles. Which generates a maximum force of 842 kN with a burn time of about 5.98 seconds. The nozzle end of the LEM is mounted on the front end of the rocket in the opposite direction from the rear in the rocket motors. This protects the crew module from collision. Reverse flow nozzle is meant to provide reverse direction to the flow of gas out of the nozzle.

2023 Gaganyaan aims to fly into space

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India’s first manned mission has been set to fly to space in 2023. There will also be three astronauts of India in this mission.

Mission delayed due to Corona

India has conducted a crew module test. First tested in December 2014. It was an unmanned test. ISRO has also done many national collaborations for this mission for the Gaganyaan mission. In which other institutes like IMD, BARC, DRDO, CSIR, Indian Coast Guard, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, IIT Madras Kanpur and Patna, IIST, NIOT, IISc are included.

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Actually this mission is 75 of India. There was a plan to launch on the occasion of Independence Day, but the mission got delayed due to corona infection. That is why the target of Gaganyaan mission has been kept as 2023. To accomplish this, the team of scientists of ISRO is working day and night.

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