Issues Determine Which is DIY or Professional Electrical Repairs

When it comes to electrical repairs there may be a few problems that will need a professional and on the other hand a few may be addressed by anyone that has a screwdriver and cares for some attention to safety and other details. There are a few home wiring quick fixes that are simple and safe to follow and at the same time will save a lot of money on costly repairs.

Few DIY Fixes

When you do not have enough outlets or electrical receptacles especially if you are living in an old home you can use extension cords and power strips as the obvious and prudent choice for low cost fixes. Just make sure that the cords and cables are safe enough to electrical loads.

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  • Use thicker wire of at least 14-gauge for this purpose. Other instances that do not need professional electrical repairs are:
  • Backstabbed wiring is a minor issue with the outlets that has wires simply pushed into the slots at the back of the receptacle. Vibration, aging and heat expansion can cause faults in these connections due to sliding out over time and can be fixed easily.
  • Fallen plugs from the existing outlets are also very common and an easy DIY fix. This happens when the metal contacts loosen due to aging and repeated use.

Need for Professionals

You will need a professional for electrical repairs if your electrical repair abilities do not extent more than changing a light bulb. There are several other issues and reasons to hire a professional instead of going ahead with a DIY endeavor. You need to hire a registered and licensed electrician to get your fuses and switches along with the entire earthing and wiring done regularly to avoid any accidental issues due to electrical faults, or short circuits especially with reference to air conditioner and refrigerators.

The major and probably most important issue is safety when it comes to electrical repairs. Most of the homeowners do not have the proper knowledge and training to mess around with electrical wires, outlets and breakers. Such ignorant folks have a good chance of being electrocuted in the process.

Moreover, improper electrical repairs can result in electrical shorts and fire, which is risky, and might cause damage to property and life.

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Another significant factor to call a professional is the cost. They provide such services at the most competitive price and offer you complete peace in mind ensuring no issues down the road.

Electrical Repairs2

About Safety and Security

There are a lot of safety precautions to be taken during electrical repairs. It should not be compromised at any cost and the basic guidelines of safe handling must be followed as under:

  • Avoid water and wet hands while working with electricity as it is a good conductor of electric current
  • Never use any equipment that has frayed cords, broken plugs or damaged insulation
  • Always turn off the mains while working on any receptacle in your home
  • Put up a sign or have the service panel guarded so that no one turns it on by accident
  • Make sure to use insulated tools while working.

You must prevent all hazards that are associated with electrical repairs that include exposed and energized parts. Even unguarded equipment can become energized suddenly, therefore, look for the “Shock Risk” signs. It is important that you follow the safety rules and electrical code of the state. Make sure you use insulated rubber gloves, goggles and de-energized the equipment first. In any case, you can hire a trained electrician to open all the main line, circuit boxes and then check and verify whether your home is prone to any electrical hazards.

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