Jazz Shoes: A Buying Guide

Jazz! Why does the word make your heart race? It could be the sense of calm it exudes. The related music and dance have grown in popularity among adults and youngsters.

However, if you plan to learn to dance or are a well-known dancer, you will agree that proper footwear plays a vital role.

Jazz shoes are the most important choice for keeping your feet safe. The most pleasing thing is that they are designed to protect the foot from injury regardless of how flexible they are.

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They have a flexible sole, but it often has a small piece of rubber at the heel. Jazz students typically use them to keep their feet from slipping when performing pirouettes, which is a good thing. Both men and women can wear these shoes at any age.

They can also be quite useful in dance sessions for younger children. This is because their bare feet will not contact the ground. 

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Jazz Shoes: Types

When we talk about the types, split-sole and full-sole shoes are the two most common types. 

  • The first type is very flexible and can help show the arch while making it easy for the foot to point.
  • There are full-sole shoes, which look like any other stage shoes. As with split-sole shoes, full-sole shoes seem more flexible than those with split soles.

Depending on your requirement, these dance shoes can be high-rise or low-rise, slip-on or lace-up. Along with leather uppers and rubber soles, this shoe style has many variations. However, they always have a rubber heel. Notably, this design helps dancers to absorb pressure.

Note: If you have wide feet, you will love lace-up shoes. You can change the width of the shoe to get the right fit.

Jazz dance sneakers are also an excellent choice for novices and younger dancers. They offer superior ankle support, and the rubber sole allows for limited periods on pointe. The split shoe shape of the sneakers provides flexibility for pointing your foot, resulting in an attractive fit. The sneaker’s durability allows it to be used outside as well.

However, due to their heavy design, they are frequently worn for dances other than jazz, like street, funk, and hip-hop.

Proper Fit

These dance shoes must fit snugly with wiggle room around the toes. You might get comfortable as they will consequently adapt to your foot’s unique shape.

Generally, a snug fit is recommended if you want the shoes to feel supportive around the foot and ankle.

However, also remember these shoes are sized differently than other types of footwear. Different brands frequently use disparate measurement systems. 

Pro Tip: For girls, get your shoes one or 1.5 sizes larger than your regular shoe size. Boys must consider 1.5 or 2 sizes larger than their standard street size.

Bottom Line

When dancing jazz, you need to wear jazz shoes. If you’re wondering why you need a separate pair of shoes for dancing, the explanation is simple: since you’ll be moving your feet a lot. 

Most importantly, they are essential for a better performance from your feet while you’re on the dance floor. They are more flexible and comfortable than your regular shoes. 

When dancing, your feet require the most incredible range of motion and comfort. You can attain both of these goals with the help of these incredible shoes.

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