Joe Cianciotto Discusses The Advantages Of Being In A Creative Profession

Creativity is an important element that enables people to enrich their mind and soul. However, as people gradually get older, they might slowly begin to lose touch with their creative side. According to Joe Cianciotto, this however is not the case with people choosing to make their career in a creative field. These individuals get the benefit of staying in a lifelong relationship with creativity. Joe himself has worked in the positions of an art director, as well as a creative director, and hence he is well-aware of how would it be to choose a creative career.

There are many people who believe that people who are in a creative or arty field won’t be able to succeed in their career, or at least get as high salaries as doctors and accounting professionals. Joe Cianciotto however stresses on the fact that this theory is completely wrong. Even creative individuals have quite high chances of earning a good living depending on their exact field of work. He also highlights the fact in addition to climbing ladders at work, these individuals also get the advantage of doing something they actually enjoy and feel motivated in carrying out their responsibilities every day.

Joe Cianciotto highlights those creative individuals who long for a career where they can truly shine should not be afraid in choosing the field of their work. They must be aware of the many advantages that come with having a creative career. Here are a few of them:

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  • Increased flexibility: There are certain creative roles,  such as that of an event planner, designer or copy writer, which provides the professionals with a much superior flexibility in terms of their off time and working hours, than many other jobs. This is because, in many cases, creative jobs are not stuck to a 9-5 schedule and has much less constraints involved. People who work in creative roles typically get more time to ‘be their own boss’, and subsequently are able to decide exactly when to work and meet their deadlines.
  • Keeps the brain active: Creativity can significantly help in keeping the brain engaged and active, especially for individuals who have a creative soul. If someone is stuck at a job that does not truly satisfy them, then it is highly likely that their mental health shall suffer quite a bit in the long run. This is because, the brains of creative individuals needs to keep working continuously, otherwise they won’t be able to truly thrive.  Creative pursuits are in general considered to be better for mental health as well.
  • Collaborating is more rewarding: Collaboration among multiple creative individuals can be extremely exciting and rewarding. As multiple creative individuals come together for a project, they shall have insightful discussions and debates that boost their productivity level.

Being an art director himself, Joe Cianciotto encourages everyone to give join the creative field, if their heart truly lies in it.

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