Just take a deep dive into underwater town builder Aquatico

Underwater cities really don’t have the best keep track of record—it’s hard not to assume of the lost city of Atlantis, the perils and disasters of Sealab 2020, and of system Bioshock, where by Andrew Ryan turned Rapture into a violent concept park crammed with psychopathic slicers and laughing vampire kids.

But let’s give a town at the base of the sea yet another try, shall we? In undersea town builder Aquatico (opens in new tab), the floor of Earth has develop into unlivable (which is surely straightforward to imagine) so humanity is forced to commence around on the ocean floor. And this time, you happen to be in cost. A new deep dive gameplay trailer from publisher Overseer Game titles you can check out previously mentioned lays out the different techniques and techniques you’ll use to develop a thriving underwater civilization in Aquatico. Possibly the fourth time will be the appeal?

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