How To Keep Your Possessions Safe In Storage Facilities?

Self-storage facilities provide you with the best way to save your favorite, valuable possessions when you don’t have enough or safe space in your house or office. Or, you don’t want your items to get damaged when some repair or renovation work is going on. 

People avail the services of Kingston storage facilities for different reasons. You may need a safe and secure space to keep your belongings during the transition. Space, cost, accessibility, and safety are the most important factors people consider while renting a storage unit. 

Piano and there are several other items that must be stored in a climate-controlled environment. Changes in the temperature and humidity can affect the functionalities of these items. So, choose the right storage to keep your valuable possessions safe. 

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You are going to make monthly payments for the storage unit. However, you get the peace of mind when you are getting what you are paying for. 

To help you, we have got some Kingston storage rental safety tips:

Rent a Storage Unit with Layers of Protection

You can look for several security-related features in the self-storage unit. Make sure that the property is surrounded by a fence and there is only one entrance with a strong gate. This is the first layer of security you should assess. This layer keeps those out who are not working there or have not rented a unit. The facility should have electronic key codes for entry and exit.

Video surveillance is the second layer of security you should look for. Check the video record of the facility. In case something unwanted happens, video can be pretty helpful in finding the culprit. There should be at least one employee on the ground 24X7. It is not necessary that the facility should be open all the time. However, there must be some physical presence to deter potential shenanigans.

Check the Environmental Protection 

Sometimes you need to maintain a certain environment around the items you are going to store. Take the piano as an example. Most of its parts are made from wood. Temperature and humidity can change the tuning of the instrument. Similarly, there are some items that must be stored in dark and cool places. 

Make sure that the unit is sealed to prevent changes in the environment inside the storage. The risk of damage due to weather is low when you are storing such items in climate-controlled storage. 

Use A Solid Lock 

You cannot entirely rely on the storage facility for safety. This is something you should take in your own hands as well. So, get a strong lock. In Fact, many facilities expect you to bring your own lock. Locks come in different sizes and shapes. Purchase a quality lock that cannot be cut by wire or bolt cutters. This is the best and last line of defense to keep your valuables safe. 

Don’t Skimp On Insurance 

Ask if they offer insurance. If they do, what does their policy cover? Is it extensive? Will your homeowner’s insurance cover off-site items? You need insurance for events in which security is breached and some of your items get damaged. 

Keep A Record Of Your Items 

Keep a record of every single item you are storing in the unit. Label all the boxes and note down the serial number of every electronic equipment.

When you visit one of the facilities to see storage space in Kingston, give equal importance to safety, accessibility and available space.  

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