Know Facts about Mobile Games- what is Bubble Pop Game?

Some can annihilate the dragon. Some want to crush the candies and move to advance levels. Some spend thousands of dollars to play games. This world is of microtransactions or in-app purchases, multi-billion dollars industry which is based on ‘freemium’ a type of mobile app which can be downloaded free of cost.  You can beat small to advance level. It suggests that iPhone user spends more time than Android users. Here, we will give examples of different games like jackpot games, a clash of clans, candy crush saga, scientific games and Bubble pop Game.

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Some choose ‘Apple’ and spend more time on games that are supported on all platforms.  It allows a user to choose their purchased track. Now as per market, 2 million users are distributed across the nation. The most popular game is candy crush saga and clash of clans. Average users play on Google’s play and iTunes.  iPhone audience spends on in-app purchases too (USD 57%) and opposed to USD 53% for Android users. All these income levels are higher for Apple’s users. It speaks more to engagement on all main platforms.

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The paid industry of Mobile Games is now divided into 2 types – premium and freemium that we can play for free of cost, however, advancement cost and upgrade. People play games that are free-to-play. The logic is that they offer a product for free of cost and then they apply cost and it is also observed that paid mobile game is very small part of the profit.  Social casinos such as Double down casino, slotomania, etc. are the fastest group and they are generating good amount revenue as it reaches to USD 4 billion in 2015. However, if a company has launched matured games then they will get more revenue.

Let’s read about Bubble pop game

Like all bubble shooters, it is free online bubble pop game that increases brain skills like visual perception and concentration. It is relaxing game and fun based. People love it a lot. You can also enjoy Aqua Bubble, Bubble Trouble, Bubble shooter and Bubble Hit. This can be considered a brain game as you have to select a target on top of screen. Your bubble colored balls is appeared on a screen and a player tries to clear it. You will see random colored balls and hand them on top of a game.  You’ve to click on the mouse to fire these bubbles. Same colored bubbles are joined together.  

You can get more points if you will try to make combos with bubble possible.  But if you’ve no strong aim than you’ll fix to different colors of bubbles, if it happens 7 times then stack drops down. Bubble’s row in the lower left shows how many missed and how many confirmed? Then game is over. Moreover, there’re some strategies & tips that you have to use to play any game.  You can use, arrows keys or mouse as well. Your target is to get a higher score in every game.  Thus you should use strategies to win the game.

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