Landscaping 101: Why You Need to Use a Flatbed Truck or Towing Package

Landscaping can be a rewarding profession, especially if you love being outside and working with the natural elements. 

Landscapers make an otherwise plain and ordinary property into a work of art, enhancing a home’s look and feel, and in many ways landscaping is every bit an art form as painting or sculpting.

With landscaping comes the need to transport and use a variety of heavy equipment, and often this equipment can’t be easily transported in the bed of a full-size truck. 

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Depending on the size and scope of your job, your landscaping needs might require the use of a flatbed or a trailer. And believe it or not, many landscapers don’t have the extra trailer space required to get tools and equipment all in one trip. 

Here, we’ll explore the types of landscaping jobs that might require a little extra assistance when it comes to getting all of your tools and materials to the job site.

Hauling the Big Stuff

So, you’ve landed yourself that big apartment complex job and you’re in luck. The apartment complex has a new owner and he wants to completely modify the entire grounds. This is good news for you, as all of this work equals a comparably sized payday.

Well, if you have big jobs to take care of and you only have a few company vehicles or just one trailer for the bigger jobs, you’ll want to get better-suited equipment.

Materials such as sod, planters, landscaping pavers, railroad ties, bricks, and the like aren’t going to fit well in the back of your buddy’s Toyota. In fact, they might even weigh down that trailer that you use to haul lawnmowers and such.

This is when you need the assistance of a towing package and a heavy-duty trailer. If bigger jobs are on the horizon, you might even need a flatbed for towing that skid steer with large attachemtents like grapple bucket for skid steers or post drivers or a bobcat if you need to move dirt and heavy equipment around.


Yes, if you work in the landscaping world, you’ll probably be dealing with trees, and lots of them. Whether or not you’ll be cutting back trees, moving them, or planting them, you’ll need to get all of the equipment to your job site and be able to move trees into their locations. 

Now, you might think you can pull a job like this off with a couple of strong guys and a piece of 10-foot rope, but think again. While this would be fun to watch, it’s not going to get the job done in a safe or timely manner at all. 

Chances are, you’ll have to transport large trees and keep their root systems intact until they’re planted. Or, you’ll be removing trees and need to transport them off of the property. If this is the case, instead of ruining your buddy’s brand new Chevy, use a heavy-duty trailer or a flatbed truck to transport these colossal elements of the natural world.

It will be a lot easier and you’ll suffer much less of a headache when you upgrade your fleet to accommodate these types of work-related tasks. 

Heavy Machinery

While transporting a bobcat or a skid steer doesn’t require that much power, heavy equipment such as a full-size backhoe or an excavator will require a heavy-duty transport system. 

These machines do have wheels, but it’s doubtful that you’ll want to drive the machine all the way to the job site itself. You’re likely to annoy a few motorists going 12 miles an hour along with the local authorities who might not take kindly to you driving unauthorized equipment on a major road.

Heavy machinery should always be transported with a suitable trailer or flatbed truck. It’s unwise to consider anything else when it comes to this sort of transport.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to get you and your employees along with all of your tools and equipment to your job site efficiently and without any hassles. Renting a flatbed or a towing package will enable you to arrive at your job worry-free, with all of your equipment and materials intact.

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