What You Can Learn about Canada from Living in Calgary

Calgary is a proud and awesome city that has a lot going for it.  Not only is it a thriving area that’s active in agriculture, aerospace, and energy work, but it’s also very proud of the history that put it where it is.  If you want to get to know Canada in its realist form, these are the reasons you’ll find it in Calgary.

There’s No One Type of Canadian

Although many people seem to have a set image of Canada from the outside, it’s not always the truth.  Calgary has often been compared to Texas in the United States because of its history with agriculture and cowboy attitude.  Canadians in Calgary have a little more yee-haw in their perspective and show that in the yearly Calgary Stampede, which is a rodeo that people attend from around the world.  

Living in Calgary, you’ll quickly learn that sometimes it’s okay to be a little bit country and that trying to stick to any one image of a Canadian is impossible.

Work and Play Balance is Possible

Living in Calgary gives you a chance to see how to work and-play balance is possible and important!  Not only is it difficult to keep up with everything if you’re working yourself to the bone, but play helps you get more creative and gives your brain time to rest.

Calgary is surrounded by endless beautiful nature and ensures that anyone who lives here can easily enjoy spending their weekends exploring nature trails and all of the fantastic wildlife this area is known for.

The Context of History Matters

Although you can learn history from looking at Ottawa homes for sale as well, Calgary’s connection to the past is visible in everything this city does.  Although it prides itself on its agricultural history, it has its own shame through the treatment of indigenous people even as recently as the late 1900s.

This city works to balance its pride and its respect for the people who have been on this land for thousands of years, and although it’s a delicate balancing act, it’s showing that it understands the importance of it. 

Wildlife and Nature Are a Gift

Wildlife is one of the most important parts of our world.  Calgary has been rated as the cleanest city on Earth (in 2013) because of its efforts to clean the city and allow local wildlife to live as naturally as possible.

This is a huge step, especially for an energy capital like Calgary that has had a rough past and identity in this field.  The city is still big in energy, but it’s working to rehabilitate that image and allow people to know the city for all of the good it can do.  

Calgary still has a long way to go, but it’s taking responsibility and moving forward, which is more than most cities can say! 

Calgary is a Dream Come True

Calgary is an incredible and imperfect city that offers a lot to anyone who lives here.  If you’re considering a move and want to get to know the country better, consider moving here!

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