Leather Jackets For Men | A Complete Stylizing Guide

Leather jackets are an integral part of every fashion-personified man. These have been popular over the years and will remain forever. A person can wear a leather jacket at any time during motorcycle rides, working somewhere, attending a party, and all. However, the grace of wearing these jackets may not come as expected if fashion sense is lacking. Thus it is pivotal to know the right way to wear leather jackets for men for a better appearance. If you are wondering what to do with this piece of outfit to make it stylish, just read out the following mentioned tips: 

Major Types of Leather Jackets

Before knowing the styling ideas for these ideas, it is crucial that you know about the various types of leather jackets available in the market. 

  • Bomber Jacket 

Bomber jackets were conventionally used by the aviator industry persons.  These are made of durable leather and are considered simple yet fashionable. Speaking of the building structure of these jackets, made from leather, these carry other fabric on the bottom and cuff area. Around the waist and wrist area, these jackets come with elastic material. Brands use different types of leather to make these jackets. It can be Nappa leather, goat leather, or lamb leather. 

  • Biker Jacket

Biker jackets, often called Moto jackets are new avatars of conventional designs. Essentially designed for motorcyclists, these jackets are made from durable leather.  This outfit serves as protection during the winter or rainy season and even during the likely crash. The thick leather used in the jackets is useful to save the wearer from scratches and cuts.  They are designed to add style and fun to the wardrobe of bikers. These are body-fit jackets and get large collars and crumples. 

  • Leather Vest 

The name of the leather vest describes it best. Thus these types of jackets are jackets without sleeves. These can be of different colours or shapes. However, basically, they are sleeveless outwear. Regardless of pushing your body for the fitting, these vests adjust according to your body shape. Unlike coats and other types of jackets, leather vests can be worn during summer, winter, or any season. 

  •  Racer Jacket

The racer jacket is the modern version of the biker jacket and gets more styling than it. These jackets are designed in a simple way and get almost identical styling to the biker jackets. These are short in length, though, and just hit the hips of the wearer. There is no tapering or shaping in the design, and they follow a simple structure. Also, the wearing person doesn’t need to clamp the sleeves or waist of the jacket. 

What to Wear With Leather Jacket For Enhanced Style | Some Tips

  • Pick Matching Stuff: It is advised that you wear leather jackets with simple and sober clothes. For instance, you can pair the bomber jacket with a pair of a white tee and black jeans. Always try to wear a bright-coloured leather jacket with a pair of shoes and a belt to look stunning. 
  • Robust Appearance: The leather jackets are the only part of outwear that look great even after becoming old. To attain an eye-catching presence in the crowd, you can wear them with blue ripped jeans and casual shoes. You can add some accessories too for funky styling. 
  • All-Black Look: This is one of the best ideas for the office-going guys as they don’t wish to wear formal every day. Going for an all-black appearance, they need to wear the same colour shoes, belt, shirt or turtle neck sweater, or woollen shirt under the jacket during the winters. It is going to work as a top styling idea. 

In final words, now you know what to wear with the leather jackets for an extra bit of style. All the above-mentioned tips are a must-try. While purchasing leather jackets for men, it is advised to keep in mind the place and event of wearing them. 

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