Legend of Vox Machina time 2 and time 3 options disclosed at NYCC

At the close of Vital Role’s The Legend of Vox Machina year 1 (animated by Titmouse Animation), the merry messy band of Vox Machina restored the solar and justice to Percy’s household kingdom of Whitewood. But upon a homecoming to their homebase kingdom of Emon, a power of dragons, known as the Chroma Conclave, descended upon the region. And in season 2, the band will have to facial area much more than just dragons, in accordance to the cast, who assembled at the 2022 New York Comic Con.

The ragtag Vox Machina crew consists of the fifty percent-elven archer twins Vax (Liam O’Brien) and Vex Vessar (Laura Bailey), the goliath barbarian Grog Strongjaw (Travis Willingham), the gnome bard Scanlan Shorthalt (Sam Riegel), the gnome cleric Pike Trickfoot (Ashley Johnson), the insecure druid Keyleth (Marisha Ray), and the tormented gunslinger Percy de Rolo (Taliesin Jaffe). Foul-mouthed, drunken, and morally gray, they are uncomplicated to undervalue but they get the occupation accomplished. The major forged and first Significant Part Dungeon Master, Matthew Mercer (who voices numerous roles and will voice extra next period), led the NYCC dialogue on just what to expect from time 2, which will get there in January 2023.

Exactly where the characters are in Vox Machina time 2

The panel kicked off with a clip of Scanlan singing a rap ditty recapping all of time 1. A lot more new music is verified for year 2, and it isn’t completely sung by Scanlan the bard. “There’s a track in season 2 that I’m pretty happy of. It is very sweet and also very silly. I got sing my butt off,” said Reigel. “Multiple individuals on this phase will get to sing in year 2.”

Will the rogue intercourse-loving Scanlan locate like? Riegel unveiled, “He will evolve a tiny bit. He’s a horndog and a silly singer. In this impending time, he’ll be a experienced singer and a horndog. He finds he does not just want to hook up anyway. He could not uncover it [love]. He might come across really like in a place we would not be expecting.”

Pike rides on Grog’s shoulders, both looking solemn

Graphic: Prime Movie

Vex and Vax’s trip-or-die sibling connection could waver. According to O’Brien, “That’s likely to appear into query. They’re heading to have to develop exterior of each individual other and with every other.”

“And facial area trauma together,” extra Bailey with sibling electricity. Bailey promised “the instant where she [Vex] breaks down [her emotional] walls… It is my favourite minute in the year.” O’Brien also vaguely teased “an upgrade” for Vex.

Johnson mentioned that Pike and Grog’s friendship will also get tested, but “can’t say what it is.” She did share that “Pike does more therapeutic, probably. And perhaps, there is some singing. Her particular journey with the Everlight proceeds.” Past period, Pike underwent a disaster of religion and temporary split from the group to retrieve it. This time, “She unquestionably will get to adhere around a little bit this time… Perhaps we get to meet up with some persons from Pike’s earlier.”

Unpacking Pike’s past in year 2 signifies her bestie Grog will also have his record unveiled. Williamson spilled that “Grog is usually on the lookout for the most recent and speediest way to boost his may well to defend his pals. We will start out to see components of his backstory, who Grog is and why he is as he is.”

Now that supporters have seen all of Percy’s not-so-really Whitewood heritage, Jaffe shared what is up with Percy following his traumatic homecoming: “Percy is going to be expending some time seeking to figure out the greatest way to be embarrassed and ashamed of every little thing he’s ever performed.” It appears that there is no stop to the lingering trauma of his past journey. “Percy is likely to make a sequence of significantly horrible selections that will impact everyone negatively. Which is character development!”

Speaking of Percy’s trauma, Mercer marked the Briarwood arc campaign as “the moment the Vox Machina narrative became personal, and the stakes have been darkish and true. It went from flippant enjoyment to accessible trauma, thirst for revenge… a dim spot. That was the instant we all understood in our marketing campaign that we could go into these deep dark human sites as performers.”

In the meantime, Keyleth is increasing like her vines. Ray teased, “I’m most enthusiastic with the advancement in her associations. You know, plural…” The crowd cheered before she added, “It’s almost certainly not as extraordinary as you consider.”

The Legend of Vox Machina 3?

So what will Vox Machina experience with these new winged terrors on the horizon? Mercer exposited for those unfamiliar with the campaign: “[The Conclave] is a team of dragons that have shaped a union that has its very own tension and dynamics. It is a critical threat to Exandria and we get to see how the world at huge bargains with it and how [Vox Machina] wrestle with the idea of accountability that’s quite unpredicted.”

Adapting a meaty arc with the Conclave was a obstacle. So Reigel dropped this bombshell: “To attempt to adapt it to a single season is a complicated undertaking. We were hoping to find out if it was attainable. Fortunately, we acquired greenlit for time 3.” Across the crowd cheers, Reigel informed them to be expecting the Conclave arc to prolong into season 3.

A dragon swoops over a castle and sends ice spears falling from the sky in Legend of Vox Machina

Graphic: Primary Video clip

“There are mouth watering darkish moments in year 2,” Mercer teased. “I am psyched that the Vox Machina story begins to enter the realm the place the stories are personalized and action into a room that is cosmic and their fates intertwined with aspects of the planet that are greater than by themselves.”

Willingham extra, “The action scenes are crazier. We’re taking it to a total new level. Season 1 was just a warm-up. Now you get Vox Machina, what their trauma is, and how are they going to take care of it. When we pitched it, Amazon was like ‘did it materialize like that [in the Critical Role source material]?’ and I reported, ‘damn proper.’”

The panel also previewed an unique period 2 clip that picks up exactly where year 1 remaining off, with the dragons assailing the kingdom and Vox Machina fleeing the chaos. When the clip concluded, Reigel jested, “Right immediately after that clip, it cuts to Mario arriving and expressing, ‘What, I’m Chris Pratt?’ Sorry, sorry.”

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