Let’s Get Deep Into the History of Spray Tanning

With the oddity of Tom Hiddleston and Cate Blanchett, not all of the women out there can pull off the pale look, especially during summers. That is why organic spray tan in OKC has preserved its popularity for years and years. While women who have a liking for Donatella Versace and Snooki have taken the tanning trend to the next level, this classic beauty regimen has been scientific and sophisticated than once can expect.

Let’s get deep into the history of spray tanning…

Generally, it received immense fame mainly by the fashion icon Coco Chanel in the year 1923. Returning home from a French Riviera trip, many people got interested in her noticeable brown skin tone, and with that, this concept was born. However, it took many years to develop and come out at the best level, but still, the wait is worth it. 

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During the 1950s, a researcher named Eva at Cincinnati University discovered the concept of tanning by coincidence. The researcher’s study focused on the DHA as an oral drug for treating Glycogen Storage Disease among kids. 

If you are not familiar yet with DHA, then let us tell you that it basically stands for Dihydroxyacetone and is sourced from greens like sugar cane and sugar beets. During the research, she found out that the formula spilled by chance, it stained the patient’s body, but did not harm the clothes. So, being questioning about the side effects, she tested the formula on her skin. And, unexpectedly, she found out that her skin turned brown in a brief period. Followed by a few more examinations, the same formula was manufactured by companies like Coppertone.

Initially, many women complained that it gave some sort of orangey tone to the skin, which did not look natural. Thankfully, in the year 1997, elite cosmetics tycoon Estee Lauder identified the underlying issues and offered an improved formula. According to them, the previous method only stuck on the skin surface. Whereas, the new formula was found to be penetrating deeper into the skin, hence giving a more natural brown tone. And gradually, the cream-based formula started coming in a spray formula. 

Ultimately, since its inception, spray tan in OKC and the rest of the world has made a vivid impression. From business tycoons to Instagram celebrities, millions of women have discovered its performance. And guess what? It just takes only less than 30 minutes to get a hot dusky look. Premium salons like Slate OKC are serving the best experience of the organic spray tan in OKC, which is 100% safe, quick, and long-lasting. Indeed, you get value for money!


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