Letters to the Editor, Nov. 21, 2022

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I think it’s time to bring back the police to high schools. I was a hall monitor at Birchmount Park school and there was a police officer there, and we had no incidents like they are having lately. They should have never gotten rid of them.

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Alex Ritchie Scarborough

(Bringing back the school resource officers should be a priority and no, they should never have capitulated to the vocal minority to get rid of them)


So the “top” doctors here are now recommending that everyone go back to wearing stupid masks again to keep them healthy. Well, I’m not a “big-time doctor” so what do I know, eh? But would it be a step in the right direction or just plain common sense if they were instead to advise everyone to eat sensibly and to take a vitamin/mineral supplement every day to stay healthy? I have done this for most of my life and in my 80 years have never had a flu shot yet or the flu and never spent a night in a hospital. Also, I have never “sanitized” my hands once in the last three years. Of course, common sense doesn’t sell millions of vaccines and umpteen boosters and so doesn’t make billions of dollars for big drugs, big medicine, and big pharma, does it?

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Roger Lewis Brampton

(We should be grateful that it’s not an ad edict yet, and they are not making it mandatory)


My granddaughter’s pediatrician just told us that if the baby gets sick, she will have to be airlifted to a Buffalo Hospital because all the pediatric hospital beds in Ontario are full and babies are lying in the emergency room. What on Earth happens to the billions and billions of tax dollars that taxpayers pay toward health care? I am surprised people are not rioting in the streets about this. Emergency room closures: Disgusting.

Cathy Hearty Scarborough

(We’ve been asking the same question with the hundreds of billions of dollars that have gone into the system, how is it possible that we still have so few beds)

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If Donald Trump can’t even leave his home to announce he’s running for president, how can he expect many to be inspired to leave theirs to vote for him? If he wants it, he’s gotta show it.

Ian Keough

(By all accounts so far, he intends to)


Re “An idiotic protest by enviro-radicals” (Editorial, Nov 15): Not to be “outdumbed” by the enviro-radicals from the Ministry of Silly People in Europe, who vandalized paintings in the UK and Germany, I’m betting the glue used in gluing themselves to the wall in the most recent idiotic protest in Vancouver — the nutty group ‘Stop Fracking Around’ — was Krazy Glue. However, it’s unfortunate that the ne’er-do-wells were unglued by the authorities in both Vancouver and Europe. I’m convinced that it would have been a reliable source of income for the galleries and museums by leaving the nutty activists glued to the wall and putting a frame around them. Hence, tickets could have been sold for an immersive awe-inspiring exhibit appropriately titled “The Stupids.” It would have been a great way for people to experience the art of stupidity in a safe and physically distanced manner.

david honigsberg

(It would be very helpful for some creative punishments for these morons)

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