LG’s new OLED 240Hz displays give 1440p gaming the regard it warrants

In this article at Computer Gamer, we feel strongly that 1440p (opens in new tab) is in which Personal computer gaming belongs, and no total of 4K gaming propaganda will transform that. So, you can picture my intrigue when I initially heard of LG’s statements of building not only the ‘world’s first’ 240Hz OLED gaming displays but also the to start with 1440p 240Hz OLED gaming monitors. 

LG invited me to its US Headquarters in New Jersey to get some hands-on time with its new UltraGear 27-inch OLED gaming keep an eye on and the huge UltraGear 45-inch curved OLED. And in spite of some brightness concerns, I’m itching to embrace this superior refresh level 1440p entire world soon after looking at them in action. 

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