Lifeless by Daylight update out now (variation 6.2.2), patch notes

Lifeless by Daylight update out now (version 6.2.2), patch notes

Posted on September 14, 2022 by Nicolas in Information, Change

Conduct Interactive has just put out a rather sizable update for Lifeless by Daylight. The update is eradicating Nameless mode for console variations, generating some really slight mechanical changes, updating some text for clarity, and repairing a total host of bugs and issues.

In this article are comprehensive patch notes for Dead by Daylight’s version 6.2.2 update:


  •  Anonymous Method Removed from Numerous platforms
    • Taken out from PS4, PS5, Xbox, Windows Retail store, Swap and Stadia builds.
      • Dev Note: The Nameless Manner was by no means supposed to be introduced on these platforms, but owing to a information deployment concern on our end they slipped into the make. To be certain gamers are even now able to use the platform-level characteristics to block or report gamers we will not be in a position to support Nameless Manner on these platforms for the time becoming. On the other hand, we have still left in the other possibilities to cover your identify to aid anyone who wants to stream their match from 1 of these platforms.
      • The capability to report gamers has not been taken off, as at any time an in-match report is even now needed, having said that when completing the Help Form you no lengthier have to have to place the ID/Title of the player that you are reporting, this is located from the in-activity report that you submitted
  • Up-to-date Wiretap Perk description for clarity.
  • Up-to-date Bite the Bullet Perk description for clarity.
  • Blast Mine: Calls for 50% of a generator to activate (was 66%) entice stays active for 40/45/50 seconds (was 35/40/45).
    • Dev note: Blast Mine no longer returns to you if the Killer does not kick the generator. Now that this has been set, we have presented it some modest buffs to compensate.
  • Blast Mine: Up-to-date description to explain deactivation circumstances.
  • Tentatively fastened an situation that occasionally brought about levelling up in the bloodweb to fail.
  • Fastened an situation that brought on short term ban pop-ups to not screen the ban stop day.
  • Mounted an issue that sometimes brought about the sport to crash when a person survivor is left in a trial with The Mastermind.
  • Fastened an challenge that at times prompted the Player’s Title tags to be partially slash in the Lobby. 
  • Fixed an issue that triggered the tentacle SFX not to be performed through the animation at the start off of the demo with The Mastermind. 
  • Fixed an concern that brought about voice strains to be performed as The Mastermind when hitting a survivor who applied Stamina.
  • Set an challenge that brought on the The Mastermind’s Uroboros Tentacle to grow to be misaligned in the course of the Mori of some female people.
  • Fastened an issue that brought about the Anti-Haemorrhagic Syringe Increase-on to not induce the Better Than New perk.
  • Set an issue that prompted Virulent Sure to immediately permit go of a Survivor caught from a guiding an obstacle.
  • Fastened an situation that triggered exit gate entity spikes to appear incorrectly when The Mastermind slammed a survivor in close proximity to to the exit gate.
  • Preset an concern that caused The Mastermind to improperly engage in a Strike animation when carrying out a Virulent Certain across a window or vault in the direction of a downed survivor.
  • Fixed an difficulty that triggered the Compelled Penance perk to fail to activate when undertaking a Virulent Bound.
  • Preset an issue that brought on the Renewal perk to be activated although being Broken.
  • Set an concern that brought about the Renewal perk UI not to update when therapeutic.
  • Fixed an challenge that induced The Mastermind to grow to be trapped if grabbing a survivor at the level of leaving the exit gate.
  • Set an issue that caused the Trapper’s Power Icon to reveal the incorrect total of Bear Traps being carried.
  • Set an problem that prompted survivors to from time to time turn out to be stuck when attacked by The Mastermind’s Virulent Sure.
  • Fastened an situation that allowed Reassurance to be activated various instances at the moment on a one survivor.
  • Fixed an situation that triggered the Reassurance prompt to incorrectly be out there on a Survivor remaining hooked a 3rd time.
  • Preset an challenge that induced no seems to perform when activating the Reassurance perk.
  • Fastened an difficulty that triggered the survivor’s entire body to clip via the digital camera of the Mastermind when been carry.
  • Fastened an concern that induced the women survivors to be improperly displayed for split frame when remaining hook.
  • Set an issue that prompted a hook that the killer can reduce rescue if standing in the doorway in East Wing of Racoon City Law enforcement Station map. 
  • Mounted an situation that brought on Glyphs to spawn in unreachable place in Yard of Joy map. 
  • Fastened an issue that prompted the Lively Ability 1 & 2 buttons in the configurations menu to be unlocalized. Notice: The textual content will show up in English for all languages and will be thoroughly translated in the up coming update.
  • Set an challenge that induced incorrect animations on a survivor, only from the survivor perspective, if The Mastermind initiates a Virulent Sure on them at a length of 12.5m from a wall.
  • Preset an concern that triggered The Mastermind’s vault to turn into cancelled by looking absent ahead of achieving it.
  • Fixed an situation that prompted the Reassurance translation is be lacking in Turkish and Latin American Spanish.
  • Fastened an concern that brought about the video game to occasionally crash when employing the Reassurance perk.
  • Fixed an situation that brought about the skybox in the Lampkin Lane, Eyrie of Crows and Backyard of Pleasure maps to develop into entirely white right after waking up from the Nightmare’s Desire World.
  • Fastened an challenge that triggered a survivor to be unable to recover for the relaxation of the match if they activate the Terminus perk when 99% healed.
  • Preset an concern that induced the Mastermind’s out of tokens vignette to consider up a big portion of the monitor. Be aware: This vignette was neglected in the 6.2.1 patch notes. We minimized the out of tokens vignette, as well as the in concerning tokens vignette.
  • Set an challenge that brought about the Tome 12 amount 4 problem On the lookout Out for Range One particular to be missing the perk in the description.
  • Mounted an difficulty that triggered the Reactive Therapeutic perk to from time to time not set off if the participant was operating.


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