List of Furniture Trends For a Modern Home

Furniture breaks an empty space when it comes to home improvement and decoration. That’s why choosing the right pieces should matter if you want to elevate your entire home aesthetic. The primary goal is to know what’s in and what’s out. Needless to say but the inclination of all the products you see in the market is likely to change every year. So if your aim is to chase what’s in trend, you better keep an eye on it every single time.

How to know what’s in trend?

First, do some research, check out the latest designs in magazines or visit the first-class home depots around you. If you’re furnishing a new home, you can hire a creative team of project home builders to help you visualize the plan. But the easiest way is to keep on reading so you can take a sneak peek on the latest furniture designs that will suit your modern home.

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  1. Luxe Headboards For Your Bed
    Luxury headboards will continue to lay in beds this year. Designers describe this element as a sumptuous fabric that turns every bed into a sanctuary where you can spend a dreamy slumber and savor your sweetest dreams all night. Adding small details like jewel-toned velvets and tufted design can level up its sophisticated scheme, perfect for a feminine bedroom.
  2. Curvy Chairs are Chic
    Coffee time is best spent when you linger on a curvy chair that offers relaxed, lounge-like comfort with its foam-padded feature. A curvy design aesthetic is a 1970s inspiration that continues to take over today. Isn’t it chic?
  3. The Blusher Side of Tones
    The neutral characteristic of blush makes it the the latest trend of tone this year. Being neutral, it can match with both light and bold hues – from grey to navy, forest green and citrine palettes. It has the ability to calm the light colors and empower the bold ones. Choose blush for upholsteries and fabrics and you’ll never go wrong.
  4. Antiques are back!
    Although it didn’t really hide away, antique furniture is having a major comeback in the modern days of home design and renovation. These days, people want to see valuable things that tell a story from the past. This gives a soulful vibe at home. For some designers, antiques can rather be restored than repainted, causing the furniture to last even longer. Most ideal for rooms and entryway designs.
  5. Shelves are bringing an artistic vibe at home
    Wooden racks or shelves are becoming a fascination not only for home decors but also for commercial spaces. The past few days, I’ve been visiting a lot of cafe’s, restaurants, and milk tea houses that are furnished with different forms of shelves. Some are designed in geometric patterns while others are usually hung on the walls with frames, figurines, and cactuses on them. Stand racks are also in, often decorated in living rooms and garden homes.
  6. Get Multifunctional
    Several homeowners these days are switching into houses with simpler interiors and smaller spaces. To that end, we can expect designers to create more and more sorts of multifunctional furniture that can adapt to this kind of lifestyle. I’m sure you’ve been hearing a lot about foldable beds or chairs with drink tables or center tables that can transform into desks but with great demands, I strongly believe that we can see more of them this year.
  7. Adding Small Details
    Everything that’s plain is dull so make sure to sprinkle some glowing effect if you want to accomplish a creative design for your home. Adding small details on upholsteries will help break the dullness. It could be a piece of anything that contrasts to the subject, a furry throw pillow that lies on the edge of the sofa or just scatters on the floor.

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