List Of Pink Diamonds: One Of The Rarest Diamonds In The World

Over the years, the global diamond industry has seen an exponential rise in the popularity of colored diamonds, especially pink diamonds. This drove sales and increased demand for the same globally. The present situation is at a tipping point since demand is sky high and supply is very low. The reason behind this is the imminent closure of Australia’s Argyle mine in the year 2020.

Argyle mine alone supplies more than ninety percent of pink diamonds to the world. Over the years the numbers have been dwindling since the mine is running out of its pink diamond stocks.

This post is targeted towards people who want to purchase pink diamonds for investment purposes. The sections that follow will talk about the available color combinations, the process of segregation for the different shades of pink diamonds, and the rarity of pink diamonds. Please pay attention to make informed decisions while purchasing.

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Available colour combinations of pink diamonds

Well, you are familiar with the pure shade of pink colored diamonds that are the most popular and has a global demand. Apart from that, you can also get your hands on the following color combinations that are stated in the pink diamond list. Please pay attention:

  • Faint pink
  • Very light pink
  • Light pink
  • Fancy light pink
  • Fancy pink
  • Fancy intense pink
  • Fancy vivid pink
  • Fancy deep/dark pink
  • Brownish orangy pink
  • Brownish pink, and
  • Brown-pink.

Process of segregation for the different shades of pink diamonds

It is best to keep in mind that not all-natural pink diamonds will be identical to one another when one looks closely to the shades of colour.

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In the opinion of experts associated with companies offering pink diamond investment solutions, some diamonds exhibit strong hues of the colour pink while others would display faint hues and if you don’t have trained eyes, you wouldn’t even consider the diamond as a pink one!

Experts segregate pink diamonds based on the level at which the colour of a pink diamond is determined – otherwise known as perceived shade (or colour intensity level).

How rare are pink diamonds and why?

The colour pink in a diamond is due to the presence of natural chemical impurities.

Pink diamonds are very rare. After one million tons of ore is processed, there is still a slim chance of you getting your hands on a pink diamond! The rarity, aesthetic appeal and overall demand make all the variations of natural coloured diamonds pretty expensive as well!

Bear this in mind that natural pink diamonds from Australia’s Argyle mine are graded differently when compared to diamonds of other colours. The reason is simple – the colour combinations, as well as the colour intensity levels, vary with each piece of diamond. If you are purchasing a pink diamond in the form of jewellery, be sure to choose the colour of the metal in such a way that it complements the colour of the stone as well. For instance – the colour of the metal should be rose gold is you are choosing fancy deep pink diamond for a ring or necklace, get the idea?

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