Long-Lost Siblings Meet For The First Time In 30 Years Thanks To eBay Purchase

Long-Lost siblings met for the first time in 30 years thanks to a purchase that was made on eBay.

eBay managed to bring a long-lost brother and a long-lost sister after staying 3 years apart from each other thanks to one of them purchasing a football match programme from their dad on the platform, where bidding takes place.

Before the pandemic, Ross Colquhoun from Edinburgh, Scotland, bought a programme for a Hearts versus Liverpool game from a seller on the online marketplace.

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After the purchase was made, the 37-year-old received a refund and a message from the seller, who ended up revealing that he was the father of Ross.

Ross never knew the whereabouts of his father.

Since the big reveal, Ross has been getting to know the other side of his family for the first time and on January 10 of this year, he met Erin, his sister, for the first time.

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The thing is, Erin and Ross grew up and lived in Edinburgh for their entire life but never knew each other. 

Ross broke the amazing story on the internet in a number of tweets, where he said:

“Just before the pandemic started, without knowing, I bought something on eBay from my dad, who I’ve never met. He refunded it. Two years later it’s started me on a journey to get to know my family that I didn’t grow up with. And tonight I met my sister Erin for the first time.”

Ross also took a number of pictures together with his sister and said:

“We laughed, we cried, and we shared stories. It felt like we’d known each other our entire lives. I was extremely nervous, but it was an absolutely beautiful and life-affirming experience.”

The pair also developed pretty similar interests despite not knowing each other.

The both are artists, with Erin studying at Glasgow School of Art and Ross attending Edinburgh College of Art.

Ross noted that he is still trying to meet his other family members and is also looking into meeting everyone.

He ended his tweet telling Twitter users: 

“If you have family members that you have never met it can be very difficult to process. I hope that these tweets comfort and inspire others to take the next step.”

Such an amazing story, right?

What are your thoughts on Ross finding his sister after 30 years? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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