Benefits of using Lubricants for Women: Different Lubricants for Different Occasions

If you are a woman, then lubricants must have entered your life in some way or another. While most women use lubricants for their intimate moments, some also use it to relieve the dryness they feel on monthly cycles. Using it during that time of the month is particularly great as it can stop itching and irritation experienced by up to 90% of women. 

If you are not familiar, here are some benefits those lubricants bring for women: 

  1. Decreases the chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and discomfort during vaginal penetration 
  2. Increases pleasure and feeling by providing an extra layer of stimulation 
  3. Prevents certain infections such as chafing, dryness, or yeast infections. 
  4. Prevents pelvic organ prolapse which is the collapse of one or more pelvic organs
  5. Gives an extra layer of tightness to make you feel tighter

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It is no surprise that most people think that it was the introduction of live cam guys video that often features some lubrication methods on women that made it come to the limelight. It can be associated with popularity, but the point remains that the process has been with us from day one. Lubrication before sex has been recommended for women who suffer from vagina dryness or lack of enough vagina fluid.

When the vagina fails to produce enough lubricant, it can lead to pain and tearing as a result of the dryness, hence, the need for lubrication before intercourse. Many types of sexual lubricants also serve different purposes; all you need is to find those that suit your needs. Unlike what most pornographic content including, live cam guys will want us to believe, there are four known types of lubricants: silicon, water, hybrid, and oil-based lubrication, and all of them serve the same purpose, but in different ways.

Contrary to what we are meant to believe on most of these live cam guys’ platforms where the men use more lubricants, a report by the National Library of Medicine revealed that out of 65.5% representing 1,021 population studied, 20% claim they have used lubricants in the last 30 days. And out of the 1,021, 58.3% are women. This is one of the many research reports showing that women use more lubricants during sex than men.

The silicon-based lubricants are silkier, thicker, and last longer, while the water-based lubricants are made of H20, thus, can easily wash off. But whichever one you have chosen to use; they all serve the same purpose: to make sexual stimulation easier. Below, we have listed a few benefits women derive from the use of lubricants. And note, there may be other benefits out there, but the ones we listed are considered the primary benefits.


Before jumping into the different types and categories of this product what about the use of lubricants and condoms? Are Lubricants Safe to Use with Condoms? It’s actually never safe to use any type of lube with condoms, especially latex condoms, as most ingredients in these personal lubricants destroy latex and polyisoprene condoms faster than usual. So, it is fair to say that lubes have to be used in moderation. 

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In case you do not know for certain what your condoms or your partners’ condoms are made out of, play it safe and go for a water-based lube. Lubricants made out of water react better to the body, lowering the risk of infections around the genitalia area. 

5 Types of Lubricants and Benefits Women Get from Using Them

1. Water Based Lubricants

Like we have earlier mentioned, this type of lubricant is made of H20 and is referred to as “multipurpose” lubricants. They are widely regarded as better and safer to use with condoms and most sex toys. They have the same similarity to women’s natural lubrication. The benefit of choosing this over others is its ability to get easily cleaned up, unlike others that require thorough cleaning before it can be completely wiped.

2. Silicone Based Lubricants 

Silicone is the most common because of its ability to last longer than others. When a woman uses this, it gives them a hard gilding outcome and lasts longer than others. They can also be used in water and still maintain that long-lasting effect. But note, it is not advisable for use on any silicone sex toy; or with condoms, as previously mentioned,  they can damage it.

3. Warming Lubricants

This is a water-based lubricant, but unlike the water lubricant, the job is to dabble the basic vaginal temperature – it adds heat to step up the sensation. It is extremely safe to use, meaning it can be used on either sex toys or condoms.

4. Flavoured Lubricant

This is the reason for the increased use of lubricants among women, proving that they use more lubricants than male folks. The flavored lube (just like the name stipulates) is designed for those who indulge in oral sex. The major benefit of using this type is that you don’t have to worry about cleaning it up before penetration. Again, they can be pretty sticky and also often seen and used by most live cam guys. 

5. Cooling Lubricant

You don’t always find this type, this one is similar to the warming lubricants, but with the right opposite effect, it cools the vagina. This lubricant is water-based and can be used with either metal sex toys or even glass toys – this is for those who wish to mix the sensation the lubricant provides. 

Finally, it is important to note that pornographic videos and live cam guys’ videos don’t necessarily portray the exact or right usage of sex lubricants. This is why you have to choose which lubricant works for you; if you are experiencing extreme dryness of the vagina, it is advised that you go for silicone-based lubricants, and if it is not that severe, water-based lube is better recommended. On the other hand, since women have a higher propensity to use sex lubricants, we’d advise that you often talk to their partners about it since most men don’t always find it interesting to use these products.

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