Lucifer Season 5: Release Date on Netflix

The Devil, Satan, Beelzebub or whatever you want to call it. The God of Hell has been portrayed hundreds of times, but as ‘Lucifer’, the series currently residing on Netflix, had done, none. 

And we are not saying it, the high level of audience that this series by Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich has achieved, as it is the most marathoned series on the streaming platform, with four seasons behind it. Now we have the fifth close to being issued, which unfortunately will be the last. How will Tom Ellis say goodbye? Are we going to reach the Heavens of emotion? Everything we will get to know in Lucifer Season 5 which is going to be released soon.

This is all we know from the fifth (and final) season of ‘Lucifer’.

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Release date of ‘Lucifer 5’

The first two seasons of ‘Lucifer’ came in 2016, one earlier in the year and the other in September. The third installment was made in October 2017 and the fourth, already on Netflix, debuted last May. When will the platform release the next installment? A date has not yet been communicated, but we estimate that it will occur in early summer.

Since Netflix gave the bad news of deciding not to renew ‘Lucifer’, he tried to alleviate his fans by announcing that this installment would be longer than the previous one. In total there will be 16 episodes that make up this fifth season, which will be broadcast in two separate blocks of eight episodes, as the main character of the story, Tom Ellis, revealed last October on The Kelly Clarkson Show. However, as fans will know, this installment will not be the longest, because when ‘Lucifer’ was a FOX thing it had 26 episodes in the third season.

Cast of ‘Lucifer 5’

Who is back this season? Obviously ‘Lucifer’ in the shoes of Tom Ellis. We also assume, since nothing has been confirmed, that Rachael Harris and Aimee Garcia will return in their respective roles, that is, as Dr. Linda Martin and Ella Lopez.

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Inbar Lavi, who debuted last season as Eve, also appears among the names we hope will return in this fifth installment, although showrunner Henderson left a message of doubt in an interview with Entertainment Weekly with these words: “We loved working with Inbar (…) But the question is: How much history do we have for that character? We put it in a new and surprising starting point for his life, so I think that is one of the first things we will discuss. My hope is that Either way, that’s not the last time you’ve seen Eve. “

To finish this section we will talk about God, whose presence is confirmed and Dennis Haysbert will be in charge. Because Lucifer is going to spend some time with his heavenly friend in this final season.

Lucifer Season 5 Plot – Everything We Know Till Now

The previous season left the protagonist back to Hell after realizing that as long as he wandered the mortal world, Earth would never be safe. Will we see him ascend to the mortal world again? We are not going to precede anything, because as Modrovich told EW this season “we try to do it in a completely different direction. If everyone is speculating about one thing, then we try to think of getting as far away as possible, so that the people don’t get bored and we don’t get bored “

“We loved the idea that Lucifer has to face responsibility for his life, because as much as he realizes who he is, he must also account for the responsibilities he has,” Henderson said. And a better man would take the responsibility that he has.” Therefore, everything points to that we are going to see an internal debate in the protagonist between his imposed morality, his responsibilities, and the past he left behind on Earth, as well as his great love, making him sad. 

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At least in the first episode, whose title was leaked a long time ago: ‘Really sad devil guy’, something that would translate as “a really sad devil”. Other titles that have come to us are: the third chapter, for example, is ‘Diablo!’, According to iMDB, while the fourth is ‘It Never Ends Well for the Chicken’. 

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