What to Expect When Visiting Your Macquarie Centre Optometrist

Macquarie Centre in Sydney is one of the largest malls in the area with an approximate land area of 11.25 hectares. The shopping centre opened its doors in 1981, and at present, it remains one of the go-to places in the northern suburbs. 

The shopping centre is not just known for big fashion brands and restaurants, but personal services as well. You can find businesses like spas and an optometry clinic where you can get the services of a licensed Macquarie centre optometrist

Visiting an eye clinic, though, is not like the usual anxiety-ridden doctor’s appointment. The location offers a prime spot for relaxation and removes all the uneasy feelings associated with a doctor visit.

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What to Expect on Your Initial Eye Check-up

Macquarie Centre’s environment offers a calm and serene atmosphere you need to remove all the nervousness typically associated with doctor’s visit. This is true, especially if you are taking your child to the optometrist for the first time.

Nonetheless, the location is not the only thing you can expect on your next eye check-up. Your optometrist visit will start with a comprehensive eye exam. It is different from the vision screening offered by public schools, your paediatrician, or local charitable organisations. 

If you are on a regular and scheduled eye exam, expect your optometrist to ask questions about changes in your eyesight patterns, correlating it to your previous medical records. But if it’s your first time to visit the clinic, you’ll be interviewed and asked questions about your complete medical history

This process is always a critical part of the whole diagnosis so that underlying problems can be determined and the right protocol enforced. Usually, an optometrist would ask you about specific medications you are taking and any family history of visual problems.

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The Vision Screening Process

Vision screening is a vital examination process where your eyes are tested and determined for the correct diagnosis. It involves a series of tests, including distance vision, colour blindness, and close-up vision. 

You would typically sit in front of a tonometer which measures fluid pressure, the phoropter to determine the right glass lenses and various other apparatus. This is depending on the initial prognosis and other factors that might be affecting your eyesight. 

The best Macquarie centre optometrist would also ask you to sit in front of an eye chart to determine your level of eyesight. These are the typical screening process and will not take more than an hour or two to finish.

If you are taking an infant to the clinic, the usual process would be much less complicated. The eye check-up would only include your child’s ability to follow objects. An optometrist will also examine his response to bright light and his ability to blink when shone with bright light. 

Other Considerations When Having an Eye Check-up

If you’re visiting your Macquarie eye doctor for the first time, it is always essential to bring along your current glasses or contact lenses. Your eye doctor will want to check the prescription and whether your eye conditions are aggravated or not. 

A Macquarie Centre eye check-up is as typical as any other except the venue and the level of client satisfaction. These are the elements that would make your eye check-up a cut above from your expected visits to a doctor’s clinic. 

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