Maharashtra Cupboard: The journey of Chandrakant Patil, who became a minister, has not been uncomplicated, was born in a household who lived by selling tea

Maharashtra Cupboard Minister: About 40 days soon after the development of the Eknath Shinde govt in Maharashtra, the cabinet has been expanded. In this cupboard, Chandrakant Patil, the president of the BJP camp, has turn into the Minister of State for the 2nd time.

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Medha Kulkarni was replaced by BJP in 2019

Chandrakant Patil had decided to contest the assembly elections in 2019. The BJP had fielded him from Pune city in place of Medha Kulkarni, the then MLA of the party.

Never contested elections from your district

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Shinde became CM on 30th June after toppling the Mahavikas Aghadi government

Patil wanted to see Fadnavis as Chief Minister

Chandrakant Patil said last month that the party had replaced Devendra Fadnavis with a heavy heart the Chief Minister. However, later BJP leader Ashish Sellar made a statement that this was not Patil’s own stand and neither was the party’s stand. He was merely expressing the sentiments of ordinary workers.

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